Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jim O'Rourke - Secure On The Loose Rim

Cassette, C30
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1991

A wonderful tape !

Tracklist :

A1. And Then West (10:09)
A2. Nothing But Obstacles Dreaming (3:25)
B1. Continued (3:03)
B2. Sometimes It Takes Knowing (10:05)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Allegory Chapel Ltd. - Trip

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1988

From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Recorded live on KZSC, this is indeed a trip -- an audio excursion par excellence. A bit of a different sound from Allegory Chapel. Well worth the journey. Come on along".
More Allegory Chapel Ltd. for your pleasure :
Assaults On The Human Body
Demimonde Voices
Excursion Into The Pit

Anyone interested in Allegory Chapel Ltd. should also go there.

Tracklist :

A. Trip (30:02)
B1. Res Ex Manu Esse (11:22)
B2. Tertiary Segment (3:29)
B3. No Quarterly (8:41)



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

John Hudak - Blackening

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1986

This is one of the first John Hudak cassettes.
The pure sound of eighties home-made industrial music...
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "2 cuts on this tape, each encompassing 1 side. Loops set the tone, as other sounds, both musical and non-musical, shift in and out of the mix. A broken player piano perhaps or perhaps it's the piano player who's broken. Minoy meets The Haters and more".

Tracklist :

A. Way Anybody
B. Lakes Whole Lakes

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big City Orchestra - Mile After Mile

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1987
Ripped by ctephin

From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "BCO kicks in with their 2nd SOP release. One of my favourite bands working these days. Someone oughta give these guys a record contract. They clang, bang and loop their way into your heart and mind. Once there, you're hooked for life. And this tape is another injection. Make your score".

Tracklist :

A1. Mile After Mile (6:39)
A2. Lottery (4:25)
A3. Another Harmless Formula (18:23)
B1. Dragon Lady Wedding (10:37)
B2. Headache (14:26)
B3. Another Mile (5:27)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Abner Malaty - Fragments From The Semi Structure

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1987

From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Liquid Lysergic Leper from Indiana plays music for the psychedelic and psychotic. I think he sums this tape up best with his song, "My Brain Was Burning Badly" -- I think yours will be too".

Tracklist :

A1. Fragments From The Semi Structure (1:29)
A2. Liquid Lysergic Leper (1:59)
A3. Ancient Poem For The Stoned Age (5:06)
A4. Assault Of The Rotation Craft (2:31)
A5. Swamp (1:11)
A6. Variations Of 6 On 4 (4:24)
A7. He Tried To Wear His What? (2:50)
A8. Sunrise At The Ruins (3:07)
A9. Safe Dreams On A Scaffold (3:59)
A10. From The Center Somewhere (2:08)
A11. A Lunar Theme In Passing (1:53)
B1. Halls Of The Static King (5:28)
B2. Clattering Of Pure Guitar Compost (2:09)
B3. Comeback Baby My Heart's In Your Hand (And I'm Bleeding On Your Carpet) (3:32)
B4. Clipped Wing (3:40)
B5. Ritual At Mound (1:42)
B6. Archaic (4:51)
B7. My Brain Was Burning Badly (2:22)
B8. Orwat (7:04)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alien Planetscapes - Children Of Slaves

Cassette, C90
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1986

One of the first cassettes by legendary Doug Walker's space rock band Alien Planetscapes, before Carl Howard and Al Margolis join in.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Doug Walker's Alien Planetscapes land on SOP. Electronic music that cooks -- not the boring "New Age" junk, but picking up where Hawkind (in its "spacier" moments) left off. Two side-long pieces that take you on a journey and then drop you off back home... where there are still Children Of Slaves".

Friday, December 18, 2009

As If² Bwana - Tu

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1988

Second collaboration cassette between Al Margolis and David Prescott, featuring Adam Bohman.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Second As If² Bwana release. Side one is percussion, vocals and synth - everything processed and reprocessed in a slowly building piece. Side 2 finds Rich Clark's computer speaking to us (and with us) along with processed tapes of a mutant trumpet and mutated computer".
Side B has been rereleased on "Reefer" CDr, that is available for free download here.

Tracklist :

A. Percana


Thursday, December 17, 2009

If, Bwana - Organ Life

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1987

My favourite If, Bwana cassette. Very minimal.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Two half hour pieces on this tape. "Loop De Loop" is 54 loops of one sampled sound progressing towards orchestral dimensions. "Organ Life" is 7 different organ sounds playing 7 different chords. Headache inducing (hopefully)".

Tracklist :

A. Organ Life
B. Loop De Loop

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If, Bwana - They Call Me "Bwana"

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1987

From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Well, for the 100th SOP release it's - If, Bwana. Oh hell what can I say - this is me - a bit of a different direction - and pretty damn hot. Buy it".

Tracklist :

A1. Watery One (5:09)
A2. They Call Me 'Bwana' (3:20)
A3. The Sleepwalkers (4:48)
A4. Bleeding At Limelight (6:09)
A5. Summers Holiday (4:37)
B1. Untitled #651 (6:03)
B2. What Martin ET (2:49)
B3. Fifth At Five (2:58)
B4. Jaws Of Hell (5:16)
B5. Not Wanted (6:08)
B6. This Means You (3:15)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If, Bwana - Beware The Sleeping Squid

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1987

If, Bwana is the musical project of Sound Of Pig Music owner, Al Margolis. "Beware The Sleeping Squid" is one of his first tapes.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Well, after a couple of years on Cause & Effect, this tape is now on SOP. Dark, mysterious and alien (to borrow a paraphrase). For those who dig Bwana -- and beyond".

Tracklist :

A1. "The Sound Of..." (2:52)
A2. The Beyond Is Not Happy (3:52)
A3. The Great Khan's Atlas (3:50)
A4. An Acceptable Level Of Violence (6:13)
A5. Eusapia (3:52)
A6. Invisible Cities (3:56)
A7. Blood Lines Last Forever (4:20)
A8. Beware The Sleeping Squid (2:28)
B. The Depth Of Silence (30:14)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Various Artists - A Very Large Array

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1987
Ripped by Anemiccinema

Tracklist :

A1. Electric Impulses From The Cerebrum - Tribute To The Beatles
A2. Arvid Tuba - Like Warm Saliva
A3. Arvid Tuba - Moralpisser
A4. Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant - Punkt Rot Flieger Punkt Rot
A5. Cool And The Clones - Tuner
A6. Cool And The Clones - Mumps
A7. Big City Orchestra - Making A Living As A Musician
A8. VOXnihil - Kulturriss
A9. Due Process - Beethoven
B1. Zombies Under Stress - Naar Het Licht
B2. Zombies Under Stress - Fill Up The Void
B3. Theatre Of Ice - Miron
B4. Roberta Eklund - Chastised Eulogy
B5. Victor/Im - Nein
B6. L'Akstremauncio - Aurt D'Autizma
B7. H.J. Freezen - Bullring In Your Nose
B8. Building Balanced Children - Excerpt


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Various Artists - Screaming ''Alas'' She Died Laughing

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1986
Ripped by Anemiccinema

Tracklist :

A1. Costes Cassette - Dupont Dreams
A2. The Ascetic Force - Somewhere
A3. Chris Gross - Tulpa
A4. Joe Humble - Memory By Product
A5. Joe Humble - The Domain
A6. Linea Tactica - Discorcion En Distorsion De Disociacion Para Disociar
A7. Swine Bolt #45 - Untitled
A8. The Arms Of Someone New - Actor On The Wall
A9. Zusammenwachsen - Z (Excerpt)
B1. Mental Anguish - Neon Dilemna
B2. Donald Campau - Same Time Next Channel
B3. Faded Glory - Blood Ice Cream
B4. Catharsist - Reflected Memories
B5. Pointless - Something To Look Up To
B6. Bogart - Dischoir
B7. Didier Moulinier - Helena (III)
B8. P.S. Bingo - Drive (Excerpt)


Friday, December 11, 2009

Various Artists - The Long March

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1985
Ripped by Anemiccinema

Tracklist :

A1. Croiners - From "A Sample Of Croiners"
A2. Dennis Carleton - From "Color With Crayons" 1
A3. Dennis Carleton - From "Color With Crayons" 2
A4. Big City Orchestra - From "Number 5"
A5. Algebra Suicide - Connoisseurs Of Lightning
A6. Algebra Suicide - Father's By The Door
A7. Maniacs - Vietnam
A8. Pascal Massun - Flight To Barnard Star (Excerpt)
B1. Human Flesh - Can I Kiss You (27th Human Attempt)
B2. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - The High And The Mighty
B3. Famlende Forsøk - Belzebub/Amerika
B4. Industrial Sponge - Boom Dark
B5. Industrial Sponge - Monsters In My Head
B6. Theatre Of Ice - Oblivion
B7. Theatre Of Ice - It's All Over Now
B8. Absolute Body Control - So Obvious - Sister Ray (Live)
B9. Seiei Jack - Excerpt
B10. The Haints - Haint House (Excerpt)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Various Artists - Scary World

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1985

Tracklist :

A1. Room 291 - Veldt
A2. No Unauthorized - Amour Funebre
A3. Monochrome Bleu - Waving Legs Of An Infinite Number Of Funk Junks
A4. Le Syndicat - Excerpt
A5. Psyclones - Deaf And Dumb / 1234! / Animal Rights
B1. Skoptzies - Dirty Demon
B2. Blackhouse - Rhythmus
B3. Voigt Kampff - One Day In Oulan-Bathor
B4. Josef K. Noyce - Tausende Schnitte (Excerpt)
B5. Minoy - Ethiopia


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Various Artists - War Is The Health Of The State

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1985
Ripped by Anemiccinema

Tracklist :

A1. Ken Clinger - Hello
A2. Ken Clinger - Meeting Of Minds
A3. Zanstones - The Sixth Sence
A4. Zanstones - Bob High Bob Low
A5. Problemist - America In Grave Danger
A6. Problemist - Platform
A7. Die Desultorische Detonation KG - Frustration (Excerpt)
A8. DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield - Nagual
B1. Mystery Hearsay - In Tide
B2. Mystery Hearsay - Out Tide
B3. Schlafengarten - Anxious
B4. Bocal 5 - Funky Cat
B5. Bocal 5 - Aimer
B6. Ceramic Madonna Head - Another Century
B7. If, Bwana - Tiny Bladders
B8. Der Akteur - Inside McDonalds
B9. The Sonic Excorcists - Journey To Big Browser (Excerpt)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sound Of Pig Music

From mid-eighties to mid-nineties, there were three major cassette labels of post-industrial and experimental musics in the US : Audiofile Tapes, Harsh Reality Music and Sound Of Pig Music. During that period, Al Margolis released more than 300 cassettes of underground music and was considered "the cassette godfather", as stated on Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage #1 cover (although the two other mentioned labels have released the same - Harsh Reality Music - or nearly the same - Audiofile Tapes - amount of tapes). You can read an interview of Al Margolis about Sound Of Pig Music here.

During the last months, I've been collecting MP3s of Sound Of Pig Music cassettes, and I'm gonna share some of them.

Most Sound Of Pig Music cassettes can be purchased here, and many can be downloaded on various blogs :
SOP ? - Jim O'Rourke - Secure On The Loose Rim
SOP 6 - Various - Aural Fixation
SOP 9 - Der Akteur - Rockery
SOP 10 - Various - Beyond Step One
SOP 10 - Various - Beyond Step One
SOP 11 - Various - War Is The Health Of State
SOP 15 - Various - Scary World
SOP 15 - Various - Scary World
SOP 17 - Various - Ha! Ha! Among The Trumpets
SOP 18 - Various - The Long March
SOP 19 - Dog A Master / Dog As Master & If, Bwana - An Organised Accident
SOP 20 - Nails Øv Christ - Dark Night Of The Soul
SOP 20 - Nails Øv Christ - Dark Night Of The Soul
SOP 24 - P.S. Bingo / If, Bwana - Untitled
SOP 26 - Schlafengarten - Spring Cleaning!!
SOP 34 - The Haters - Future Cheers
SOP 39 - Big City Orchestra & Deathranch - Massacre Of The Innocents
SOP 42 - Various - The World Does Not Fit On A 21" Screen
SOP 48 - Big Red Stain / La Otra Cara De Un Jardín - Chronicle Of Consumptive Irritation / Brikollage
SOP 49 - Het Zweet - Zweepslag 1 + 2
SOP 50 - Psyclones - Son Ov Cultleader
SOP 55 - Alien Planetscapes - Children Of Slaves
SOP 58 - Nails Øv Christ - Punishment Is Correction
SOP 60 - Irritant / Ramleh - Tomorrow We Live
SOP 62 - Minoy - Pretty Young Negro Man
SOP 64 - Thick Slimy Whisper - Live At Fashion Moda 10/11/86
SOP 66 - Dog As Master - Brash Pussy
SOP 66 - Dog As Master - Brash Pussy
SOP 71 - Various - Screaming "Alas" She Died Laughing
SOP 74 - Thick Slimy Whisper & Qwa Digs Never Parish - Teenage Pop Songs
SOP 84 - Abner Malaty - Fragments From The Semi Structure
SOP 87 - Deaf Lions - Copia
SOP 90 - Various - Empty Shadows
SOP 100 - If, Bwana - They Call Me "Bwana"
SOP 100 - If, Bwana - They Call Me "Bwana"
SOP 109 - If, Bwana - Beware The Sleeping Squid
SOP 111 - La Sonorité Jaune - Ersatia
SOP 111 - La Sonorité Jaune - Ersatia
SOP 118 - Big City Orchestra - Mile After Mile
SOP 121 - Violence And The Sacred - Arkinoid
SOP 124 - John Hudak - Blackening
SOP 128 - XTSW - Bridge
SOP 129 - City Of Worms - Crumnants
SOP 133 - Fake Feelings Institute With Audio Leter - Present...
SOP 140 - Joseph Nechvatal - Sleep
SOP 142 - Domaine Poétique - Exhale Slowly
SOP 148 - X-Ray Pop - Dirty Love
SOP 152 - Various - A Very Large Array

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Various Artists - France

Cassette, C90
Label : Harsh Reality Music, US, 1989

That cassette was part of a series of "national" compilations released by excellent US cassette label Harsh Reality Music.
Download as well The Netherlands and Spain.

Tracklist :

A1. X-Ray Pop - Touf Touf (3:23)
A2. Aehos - Rectitude No. 4 (12:52)
A3. Brume - Panzerfaust 3 (3:50)
A4. La Sonorité Jaune - Reha (3:12)
A5. Sempiternels - L'Annunciation (Du Vide) (7:28)
A6. Betrayal - Mauri (5:18)
A7. Vox Populi! - Let Us Get Higher (8:02)
A8. Hänzel & Gretzel - C'Est Le Père Sadique (1:53)
A9. Hänzel & Gretzel - Teutir Spregue (1:09)
B1. M. Nomized - The Girl In The Sweating Room (4:33)
B2. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Bloody Slime, Significant Symbol For The Force Of Tedious Habits (12:28)
B3. Costes - Fart In My Face (2:14)
B4. Bernard Donzel-Gargand & Philippe Moënne-Loccoz - Cellules (7:28)
B5. Totentanz - Future Prospects (4:33)
B6. RWA - Jesus Trash Can (2:48)
B7. Alain Basso - Poussières Dans L'Extase (4:04)
B8. X Non X - Loiseau Malade (2:18)
B9. Nos Yeux Aveugles - Z.T.T.01 (7:00)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Various Artists - F-rants

Cassette, C90
Label : audiofile Tapes / S.J. Organisation, US / France, 1988

I usually try my best not to post anything that was posted elsewhere before. That wonderful "F-rants" compilation of french artists, put together by Pascal Dauzier, was recently posted here, but my rip was ready to close the S.J. Organisation series... So here it is.

Tracklist :

A1. The Grief - Automatic Piece (6:04)
A2. Lieutenant Caramel - Donald Au Moyen Age (5:59)
A3. La Sonorité Jaune - Hilessia (3:22)
A4. Cri Primal - Untitled (3:54)
A5. La Destination - Diaspora (6:20)
A6. S.T.P.O. - Idol (Live) (1:04)
A7. Le Syndicat - Presque (6:54)
A8. Galeshka Moravioff - Untitled (5:04)
A9. Élève Modèle - The Big Baboon By The Light Of The Moon (3:56)
B1. Étant Donnés - Mes Yeux Clos, C'Est Mon Coeur Entre Tes Mains (6:50)
B2. Orient Express - L'Offrande A Itzpapalotl (Live) (4:58)
B3. Pacific 231 - Mahol (2:01)
B4. S.T.P.O. - Non (Live) (1:12)
B5. Jérôme Noettinger - Le Macheur De Verre (8:15)
B6. Anne Gillis - Wohohin (3:33)
B7. Dreaming With Vox Populi - Luna Plexus (6:05)
B8. Pierre Perret - Excerpt From "Gaia, La Terre" (4:48)
B9. Aversion Sonore - Lai (6:57)

Monday, November 30, 2009

La Sonorité Jaune - Istania

Cassette, C30
Label : audiofile Tapes, US, 1989

Last and least La Sonorité Jaune cassette, released by one of the best US independant cassette labels ever. Great interstellar ambient music as always.
Other La Sonorité Jaune releases available for download :
The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project
Je Ne Veux Plus Voir Le Ciel
Soundtrack For Breathing Structures

Tracklist :

Istania Part One
A1. Biorta 1
A2. Icraen
A3. Biorta 2
A4. Ilen
Istania Part Two
B1. Biorta 3
B2. Icelen
B3. Oseur

La Sonorité Jaune interview in ND #13 :

Friday, November 27, 2009

Urbain Autopsy & K... - Ashquelon

Cassette, C60
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, circa 1987
Ripped by jx

Tracklist :

A1. The Chess Of Death (3:59)
A2. Tribal Moment (4:13)
A3. Shema Yisrael (2:46)
A4. Tisha B'Ov (1:39)
A5. Torture (0:39)
A6. I Hate Politics (4:38)
A7. L'Orage (4:52)
A8. Zoolologie (2:05)
A9. Rhone Poulenc (3:18)
A10. You ! Yes You (2:17)
B1. Le Peuple Révolutionnaire (1:11)
B2. Le Sang (4:39)
B3. Stalingrad In Blue (3:49)
B4. La Vie En Rose (3:40)
B5. Shall Be Free (3:29)
B6. Numéro 6 (4:29)
B7. Zyklon B (3:07)
B8. Le Retour D'Edgar Le Scieur (5:55)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Psycodrama - Nigger

Cassette, C60
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, circa 1987
Ripped by Rubbish

"Psycodrama are two beerbellied, bearded men who long ago went to art school and then went on to Virginia, where they “died.” Listening to their music—a cat wailing over disco beats and songs about Jesus and asses (sticking cocks up them and poop coming out of them)—is for me like looking in a mirror, if only I were a redneck homosexual in my thirties. I write them a fan letter—their only one, I believe, and they immediately invite me to join the troupe. I spend my eighteenth birthday with Gator and Bubba (Brett and Jim) in Virginia making a video where we all eat bacon and sausage and drink whiskey at a restaurant called Grandma’s, and laugh about terrible things until I think I’m going to be sick. And then they drive me around the hills of Virginia drunk, talking over and over about “twee” instead of “three” (I don’t get it, but it cracks both of them up every single time) and their plans to beat up our friend Wha whose mother did heroin so he has very long arms and very tiny legs and their next tape which they will call Nigger. They swerve all over the gravelly road until I’m so scared I start crying. On the train home the next day, I feel like I hate them, but a letter from Brett explaining that what they did to me was “theatre” convinces me that I got what I claimed to want. My favourite authors (all stolen from Andrew) theorize on terror and absurdity, but it was my drive with the hairy, horrible men through the backwoods that was fast and real, with taste (the bacon and sausage kept coming back up) and touch and sound. Suckdog are feral. Psycodrama—the way they play with racism, sexism and homophobia—are more seasoned, more dangerous. I want in." (Lisa Crystal Carver, Drugs are nice, London, Snowbooks, 2006, p. 58-59)

If you want to listen and learn more about mysterious, provocative and crazy act Psycodrama - Costes US alter ego and collaborators -, please go there and there.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big City Orchestra - Trail Of Destruction

Cassette, C60
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, 1987

S.J. Organisation has released two Big City Orchestra cassettes. I've discovered BCO through S.J. mail order catalogue. And I bought "Massacre Of The Innocents" and "Trail Of Destruction" cassettes in my first S.J. order... At that time, Pascal Dauzier was planning to release a Big City Orchestra / Gregory Whitehead split LP, that would have been the debut vinyl for both artists. That was never done and both artists unfortunately missed their vinyl career. Why the hell did BCO never had a vinyl career ? At least, a RRR LP should have been released...
More Big City Orchestra in blogland :
A Good Time To Start Something New [Cassette]
Animal Religion [Cassette]
Drone Gnomes [10"]
Greatest Hits And Test Tones [CD]
Magnetic Personality [Cassette]
Massacre Of The Innocents [Cassette]
Our Life In The Bush Of Kate [Cassette]
So Much Quicker Than Tomorrow [Cassette]
The Beatlerape [CD]
The Consumer [CD]
The Four Cassettes Of The Apocalypse [CD]
The Man Of Steal [Cassette]
Tryst 7 [Cassette, Split W/ The Legendary Pink Dots]
Visual Archives
And more to come here soon...

Tracklist :

A1. State Of Decay (26:23)
A2. Journey With The Blockheads (4:42)
B1. Desire Vs. Response (10:16)
B2. Visit With Pilgrims (10:42)
B3. Your Mine (9:55)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Schlafengarten - Dance / Trance

Cassette, C30
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, 1986

As the side titles suggest, one side is dance music, the other side is trance music.
More Schlafengarten here and here.

Tracklist :

The Danse Side
A1. No Time (2:58)
A2. City (3:21)
A3. Schlaf Rap (3:40)
A4. Danse (3:48)
The Trance Side
B1. Minimal Afternoon (10:41)
B2. Loupe (4:59)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Various Artists - Organisation Orange 2

Cassette, C90 + C10
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, 1987
Limited edition of 150 copies

First in a series of posts related to S.J. Organisation, a french label run by Pascal Dauzier & Sylvie Loquet (La Sonorité Jaune) during the eighties.
Get more excellent S.J. releases :
S.J ORG 003 - La Sonorité Jaune - Heliae
S.J ORG 004 - Various - Organisation Orange 1
S.J ORG 008 - F/i - Threshold
S.J ORG 008 - F/i - Threshold
S.J ORG 009 - Dog As Master - Five Feuilletons Outlined In Red
S.J ORG 011 - La Sonorité Jaune - Ersatia
S.J ORG 011 - La Sonorité Jaune - Ersatia
S.J ORG 012 - La Sonorité Jaune & The Haters - The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project
S.J ORG 016 - Maybe Mental - Lotuses On Fire
S.J ORG 019 - Master/Slave Relationship - Bed Of Perverse Dreams
S.J ORG 020 - The Twins And Rig Veeda - Boy Saves Hedgehog
S.J ORG 028 - Lieutenant Caramel / La Sonorité Jaune - Je Ne Veux Plus Voir Le Ciel
S.J ORG 034 - New Carrollton & Stolen Government Binder Clip - Minor Admittance
S.J ORG ??? - Illusion Of Safety - Finance And Ideology

Tracklist :

A1. Two Witnesses - Only Love (2:20)
A2. Tzilenda Kopfdachtung - Tribut-Tot (4:00)
A3. Pietro Insipido - Remember (4:09)
A4. A.I.Z - La Purge (5:08)
A5. Controlled Bleeding - Body Bags (6:17)
A6. Arnovah - Symetrical Segments (4:44)
A7. Stenka Bazin - La Conscience Immolée (6:48)
A8. S-Ink - Monument (3:24)
A9. Vivenza - Unité Objective (Principe Conducteur) (5:00)
A10. Urbain Autopsy - Overload System (3:37)
B1. Schlafengarten - Looking Glas (2:46)
B2. Moly - Val De Travers (3:46)
B3. Mystery Hearsay - Sunrise In Disguise (7:04)
B4. Ampzilla's Delight - Mindscape (3:50)
B5. Alain Basso - Parliures Et Aveuglements / Les Murmures Du Moribond (3:55)
B6. Controlled Bleeding - Trunk Time (3:35)
B7. Yves Mo - Ecouter Strauss Sous La Douche (2:22)
B8. Mystery Hearsay - Plumtree Spiral (7:19)
B9. Yves Mo - La Femme Est Merveille (3:28)
B10. Société Musicale Marine - Chat De Printemps (6:21)
C. Big City Orchestra - Orange Is The Color Of My True Love Eyes (3:58)
D. La Sonorité Jaune - My Dreams Collapse In The Orange Landscape (Excerpt) (3:29)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zone Void - Wu-Nien Voidmusic

Cassette, C60
Label : Cthulhu Records, Germany, 1991
Limited edition of 300 numbered copies

Last cassette released by legendary German label Cthulhu Records.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Entre Vifs - Heavy Duty

Cassette, C60
Label : Cthulhu Records, Germany, 1989
Limited edition of 300 numbered copies

From Le Syndicat website :
"Due to a painful experience of censorship at the festival of new music DMA2 in Bordeaux (France), Le Syndicat decided to build his personal sound system.
Zorïn immerses himself in electronics and starts constructing "The MATRIX" : the electro metallic material intended to be used at the live appearances of Le Syndicat.
It is about an armada of objects over amplified by contact microphones, often discovered in the belly of a trashcan and designed to the manner of dangerous weapons : Low Tech electronic instruments, walkmans, multitrack tape recorders to cassettes used at the same time as samplers and mixing tables, racks of preamplifiers, distorters, ring modulators, delays. 800 meters of cables concentrated on 5 square meters.
The goal of the system was to be able to react as quickly as possible to everything that all other operator porduces. What they named "The reflex piloting", something that holds as much the fight sports or the instinctive monitoring of the other. This live version of Le Syndicat conceived by Zorïn became naturally his thing in 1986 : The bruitiste ensemble (Noisecraft band) ENTRE VIFS".

From inner sleeve :
"We began to build our Noise Complex (generators, switches, intermodulations, mixing) in 1985.
Our Sessions or Training meetings started in early 1986. Some were performed in front of a few selected listeners.
These live excerpts were recorded at our Noisecraft Workshop, Enghien (France).
The instruments used on these tracks are : the Rumbler, the Shriller, the Harrow, the Smashers, the Cracklers, the Screecher, the Rails.
Our voices are picked up by Laryngophones and processed by various distortion units".

Entre Vifs debut CD, "L'Ordre Par Le Bruit" (Artware, 1991), can be downloaded here.

A recent french radio show with an interview of Ruelgo (founding member of Le Syndicat) can be downloaded here.

And of course you can buy :
- Le Syndicat / Entre Vifs / Icon Zero / Ruelgo high quality CDrs on Le Syndicat website ;
- Le Syndicat "Timespace Losses 1982 / 1987" recent CD of early rarities here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

P.C.R. - The Power Of Blindness

Label : Empty Records, Germany, 1990

From Empty Records website : "This concept album is the only vinyl release this Nürnberg band ever released, and is based upon an obscure story by H.G. Wells. Musically, these nine tracks are somewhere between soft industrial and guitar based new wave".

Tracklist :

A1. Instantaneously Drown (6:04)
A2. Eastward Slip (4:22)
A3. The One-Eyed King (4:36)
A4. Zwischen Knochenrissen I (3:07)
A5. A Great Big Kiss (4:52)
B1. Sacrifice For Love (4:53)
B2. A Man Is Close To Nothing (8:30)
B3. Zwischen Knochenrissen II (5:14)
B4. Blue Deepening Into Purple (3:28)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mentocome - Untitled

Label : Giraffe Rec., Germany

Another forgotten but great minimal German act.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

fLEUR dU mINIMAL - Untitled

Label : Pigture Disc, Germany, 1987

Reminds me a little of early The Hafler Trio and Nurse With Wound.

Tracklist :

A1. Geburt (1:00)
A2. Heimat (3:00)
A3. Krieg (3:00)
A4. Sonntag (3:00)
A5. Lust (3:00)
A6. Fortschritt (3:00)
A7. Wald (3:00)
B1. Schönheit (3:00)
B2. Meer (3:00)
B3. Liebe (3:00)
B4. Götter (3:00)
B5. Maschine (3:00)
B6. Wissen (3:00)
B7. Tod (1:00)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phronèsis - Ritual For Kandisha

Label : Self-released, France, 2008

A few weeks ago I've posted a nice Phronèsis CDr. Here is a more recent one, in a more homogeneous ambient style. Recommended.

Tracklist :

1. Ritual For Kandisha (10:58)
2. Dread (7:21)
3. Tales From Moh (6:30)
4. A Knife In The Sand (3:29)
5. Prisoner Souls (6:54)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleep Chamber - Spellbondage

Cassette, C60
Label : Inner-X-Musick, US, 1987
Limited edition of 2000 copies

That "Spellbondage" cassette version includes two tracks that are not on the LP version.
On both cassette and LP covers, John Zewizz used pictures of Debbie Jaffe (Master/Slave Relationship) without her consent. Debbie addressed that issue in the 1991 interview I've posted.
Find more Sleep Chamber rarities here and here.

Tracklist :

A1. Site Ov Pain, Site Ov Pleasure (7:29)
A2. Odoratus Sexualis (6:13)
A3. Kiss The Whip (6:02)
A4. The Nun (Fetish Convent) (4:19)
A5. Spellbondage (Soundtrack Excerpt) (3:23)
B1. Extreme Unction (6:43)
B2. Femme Fatale (3:23)
B3. Vortex (7:06)
B4. Thee Unforgiven (3:12)
B5. Finger On The Trigger (8:50)

Sleep Chamber interview (by Stéphane Santini) in Hello Happy Taxpayers #7, july 1988 :

Friday, October 23, 2009

Master/Slave Relationship - Interview 1991 [Radio Broadcast Series #5]

Exclusive interview, US, 1991

That exclusive interview was recorded in 1991 by Debbie Jaffe, aka Master/Slave Relationship, after the brilliant "Being Led Around By The Tongue" CD was released.
Those who are interested in the history of Debbie's earliest artistic and musical efforts with Hal McGee, with whom she has been making music in the duo Viscera and has been running the Cause & Effect label, should certainly listen to issues #11 an #12 of Hal's podcast "Homemade Alien Music".
Most MSR releases can be purchased on MSR website.
According to her MySpace, Debbie is recording new music. A short but exquisite new MSR track, "Give", the first musical recording Debbie has done in a decade, has recently been released on "Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Volume 3".

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Algebra Suicide - Real Numbers

Label : Pursuit Of Market Share, Germany, 1988
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies

That CD was recorded live at Link's Hall, Chicago, April 19th 1988, by infamous minimalist pop duo Algebra Suicide, formed by Don Hedeker and the late Lydia Tomkiw (1959-2007).
You can read here a comment by Don Hedeker about that CD. And a nice tribute to Lydia here.

More Algebra Suicide can be downloaded here :
The Secret Like Crazy
As well as great tracks on various compilations :
Die Orgasmus Bigband
Just A Lovesong Pas De Deux
The History Of Jazz

Tracklist :

Set #1
1. Cerebral Dance
2. Waiting For Delmore
3. In Bed With Boys
4. No Action
5. Verbal Blunder
6. Sinister
7. Agitation
8. Tonight
9. Tuesday Tastes Good
10. Mantic Sway
Set #2
11. True Romance At The World's Fair
12. Sub Rosa
13. Let's Transact
14. Heat Wave
15. Friendly Manifesto
16. Connoisseurs Of Lightning
17. An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows
18. Tractor Pull
19. Horizon
20. Please Respect Our Decadence
21. Little Dead Bodies
22. Amusing One's Self
23. Somewhat Bleecker Street

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Various Artists - Electronic

Label : Climax Productions, Belgium, 1988

Tracklist :

Electronic Side
A1. Traxx - Venecreator
A2. Bambix - Painted Noses
A3. White House White - The Image Creator
A4. Frontline Assembly - Resuraction
A5. Vomito Negro - The Man Factory
A6. Danton's Voice - Oriëntal

Experimental Side
B1. Absolute Body Control - Slow Action
B2. M.I. 5 - Last Moments
B3. Blue Garden - Red Jungle
B4. The Force Dimension - Attenzione Prego!
B5. Unknown European Group - Fucking Dog Johnny
B6. De Fabriek - Corpusnow Callosumball
B7. Suicide Commando - Industrial Underground


Friday, October 16, 2009

Various Artists - Climax Productions Presents

Label : Climax Productions, Belgium, 1986
Ripped by maggothead

I've found that link in a comment of a post on The Thing On The Doorstep. I thought it deserved a greater exposition, so here it is !

Tracklist :

A1. White House White - Jungle Emotions
A2. Absolute Body Control - Car Fever
A3. Vita Noctis - She Likes Me
A4. Schicksal - Body Beat
A5. Nightmare Reality - The Cage
B1. Somnambulist - The Seaman's Imagined Fish
B2. Private Image - The Game
B3. The French Park - The Turn Of A Card
B4. Cross Arc. - Take This Day Away
B5. Deliens Roger - Falling Rain
B6. Private Image - This Belongs To Your Show