Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Systema Scrotum - Convulsions

Cassette, C60
Label : Börft Records / Abstinence Records, Sweden, 1990

Requested by luigi69.

Tracklist :

A1. Machinenfabrikk
A2. The Mind X Pain
A3. D.A.S.B.M.M.V.N.K
A4. Call At H2o-Calm
A5. Sorrows
B1. Pqr To Xy
B2. Escape Of Sanaty
B3. 240;Nine Forward
B4. Half Of A Nightmare
B5. How To Come Apart
B6. Sexual Intercourse
B7. Resignation

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wicked Messenger - The Haarlem Concert

Label : Plague Recordings, Belgium, 2009

Performed at the Plague showcase organised by )toon) festival, October 11th 2009, Haarlem, Netherlands.
This exclusive set was accompanied by a video project by The Nothing (Canada), featuring Matthew McLaughlin (UK).

Tracklist :

1. The Haarlem Concert (59:39)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sodality - Beyond Unknown Pleasures

Label : Verba Corrige, Italy, 1994

I'm not very much into power electronics, though Con-Dom is a longtime favourite of mine. For me, "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" by Italian act The Sodality is one of the best releases in that genre, and one of my favourite records ever. That's an incredibly powerful masterpiece, when most power electronics records just use the same cheap noises, screams and provocative ideas...
That CD version includes the re-release of "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" LP (1987) and "Orgies Of Crime" 12" (1988), first released by Aquilifer Sodality.

Tracklist :

1. They Never Learn (6:22)
2. I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick (5:10)
3. Catch The Whore (3:57)
4. I Want Your Blood (4:35)
5. The Kiddie Eater (5:17)
6. Fuck Mastery (1:55)
7. The Younger The Better (4:10)
8. Beyond Unknown Pleasures (6:06)
9. Orgies Of Crime (7:51)
10. And So You Shall (4:17)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ios Smolders - No Is E Monocle

Label : Quiet Artworks, Germany, 1992
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies

Second vinyl LP by Ios Smolders.
A FLAC remastered version of that LP, as well as more Jos Smolders releases, can be downloaded here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

IOSS - Corrupted Bellybuster

Cassette, C46
Label : Midas Music, The Netherlands, 1988
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

The first Jos Smolders cassettes were released under the IOSS name and are still his best releases in my opinion. Find more of his early experimental electro-acoustic music here :
Yes Yes Oh Yes
Mama - Study Of A Human Tongue
Junkie On Hiss Snag

Friday, February 12, 2010

Maybe Mental - Kweye

Cassette, C60
Label : We Never Sleep, US, 1988

This is a repost : a new rip (320 kbps) of the wonderful Maybe Mental final cassette.
A 68 mn remixed and extended version of Side A was later released as MP3 under the artist name Zangpo ; it is available for free download on David Oliphant website, where other Maybe Mental - and related artists - releases can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Tracklist :

A. Untitled (31:07)
B. Untitled (30:32)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Various Artists - Insomnia Vol. 2

Cassette, 2 x C60
Label : We Never Sleep, US, 1988
Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies
Ripped by Rainier

A few months ago, I've posted the CD edition of Insomnia Vol. 1 compilation. Insomnia Vol. 2 has never been re-released on CD. And it's difficult to understand why...

Tracklist :

A1. Matt Heckert - Survival Research Laboratories Soundtracks Revisited
B1. Greater Than One - Funk It
B2. Greater Than One - The Rose, The Cross And The Flag
B3. Greater Than One - Crisis
B4. Greater Than One - London Bridge & Mother Kelly
C1. Hunting Lodge - Rust Scraper
C2. Hunting Lodge - Hear You Knockin'
C3. Hunting Lodge - Rip You To Shreds
C4. Hunting Lodge - Carnivora!
C5. Hunting Lodge - Encore Re-Call
D1. Human Head Transplant - Funeral For A King
D2. Human Head Transplant - Opera Of Ennui
D3. Human Head Transplant - Water
D4. Human Head Transplant - Kubla Khan
D5. Human Head Transplant - Colleen
D6. Human Head Transplant - The End Of It

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greater Than One - Radio Program [Radio Broadcast Series #6]

Cassette, C90
Promo material, UK, circa 1988

Greater Than One was one of the major bands of the 80s post-industrial movement. Before becoming mostly devoted to techno-like music, they made some very personal records, between danceable electronic and more experimental audio work.
That cassette was sent to radio stations to promote their early releases. It includes tracks from various cassettes and vinyl records, as well as unreleased tracks, and is an excellent introduction to their early work.

Early Greater Than One records have been recently rereleased by Brainwashed Recordings (more specifically Brainwashed Archives) :
- "Kill The Pedagogue", their very first cassette ;
- "All The Masters Licked Me", their brilliant debut LP (released by Side Effects Records) for the first time on CD, including as well the "Trust" LP ;
- "London", another great release, that includes the excellent "Dance Of The Cowards" CD as well as much more material originally released on vinyl or cassette ;
- "G-Force", that is not my favourite...
Those who are interested can buy these CDs here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phronèsis - Different Kind Of Lodges

Label : Self-released, France, 2004

One more Phronèsis CDr, this time between ambient and electonica.

Tracklist :

1. The Black Lodge (4:06)
2. The Yellow Lodge (5:44)
3. The Green Lodge (4:56)
4. The Red Lodge (4:00)
5. The White Lodge (4:48)
6. The Purple Lodge (4:22)
7. The Blue Lodge (4:29)
8. The Pink Lodge (6:55)