Friday, February 12, 2010

Maybe Mental - Kweye

Cassette, C60
Label : We Never Sleep, US, 1988

This is a repost : a new rip (320 kbps) of the wonderful Maybe Mental final cassette.
A 68 mn remixed and extended version of Side A was later released as MP3 under the artist name Zangpo ; it is available for free download on David Oliphant website, where other Maybe Mental - and related artists - releases can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Tracklist :

A. Untitled (31:07)
B. Untitled (30:32)


Anonymous said...

talkin' bout the deads
who cares

spending my time with them

there's nothing to learn but time
and jail

Anonymous said...

Can you send me a link directly. I no longer have this cassette. Thank you
David Oliphant