Friday, January 30, 2009

Pedro F. Bericat - Radioterrorismo Radioart

Label : Diputación De Zaragoza, Spain, 1991

One more rare spanish release.

Tracklist :

1. Radioimantaciones (14:20)
2. Radioterrorismo (14:50)
3. Radiodicciones (8:56)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Macromassa - El Regreso A Las Botellas De Papa Nodulus

Label : Laboratorio De Música Desconocida, Spain, 1984

Another rare early spanish experimental cassette.
For spanish underground music archeologists only.

Tracklist :

A1. Historia De La Formula Fisica En La Pared De La Habitacion
A2. Luna Sola En El Firmamento
A3. Firobul
A4. Macromissa
A5. El Burdo Deseo
A6. Sifon Mesetario
A7. Llorando Estan
A8. Lluvia
B1. N.E.P.U. (No Estoy Para Usted)
B2. Polonia Sobre El Mar (Al Atardecer)
B3. A Nice Pop Song
B4. Para Nodulus En Persona
B5. La Edad De Los Hombres Oruga
B6. Salada Verde
B7. Sin Duda
B8. Os Vais

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Avant-Dernières Pensées - Arte Deshecho

Cassette, C60
Label : Cintas, Spain, 1984

Requested by Autodolor and Stahlfabrik.

Tracklist :

A1. El Desfile De La Victoria (3:04)
A2. Al Otro Lado (De La Línea Telefónica) (2:43)
A3. Nouvelle Avant-Dernière Pensée (3:22)
A4. Sueños Del Verdugo (5:19)
A5. Sentir La Angustia (1:56)
A6. Rosemary's Baby (5:40)
A7. Sintonía N° I (Para La Próxima Guerra) (3:09)
A8. Arte Deshecho II (1:25)
A9. Panfleto (Para Aviador Dro) (1:47)
B1. Sintonía N° II (El Ejército Feliz Hacia El Campo De Batalla) (2:17)
B2. Sintonía N° III (El Ejército Feliz En La Trinchera) (3:11)
B3. Arte Deshecho I (1:41)
B4. Noche Transfigurada (Verklärte Nacht) (4:40)
B5. Ninguno Me Espera (3:02)
B6. Kindertotenlied (5:09)
B7. La Arquitectura Del Heroísmo (3:20)
B8. Canción De Amor N° IV (2:54)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zone - Interview [Radio Broadcast Series #4]

Cassette, C90
Label : Potentia Records, UK, 1991

After I received their amazing debut "Sword Of The Sun" LP, I asked the Zone members to record an interview for an exclusive airplay. They did it when their second release "Born Of Fire" was coming. Here it is.
Most Zone CDs can be purchased here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zone - Sword Of The Sun

Label : Potentia Records, UK, 1997

CD version of the beautiful first Zone LP, originally released in 1988.
All other CDs and a few copies of the original LP are available here.

Tracklist :

1. Stopping The World (3:23)
2. The Wheel Of The Light (10:10)
3. The Hospital Garden (2:15)
4. Lost In A State Of Grace (2:09)
5. Sword Of The Sun (3:03)
6. Zone (2:15)
7. The Prophet (2:16)
8. To The Centre Of The Cyclone (6:51)
9. Caught In The Breath Of Angels (4:50)
10. Stolen Lightning (2:43)
11. Sunbathing (4:29)
12. The Crystal Opening (4:02)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Minóy - Nightslaves

Cassette, C60
Label : Minóy Cassetteworks, US, 1986

Minóy was a name that everyone knew in the eighties' post-industrial cassette network, as he had a lot of cassettes released, but he has strangely disappeared during the nineties and then was a little forgotten.
Recently, Phillip B. Klingler has posted on his blog a PBK/Minóy collaboration work, "Cloisters", with an interesting text, where I've learned more than I ever knew about the man, and where I saw him for the first time...

Tracklist :

A. Nightslaves (31:38)
B1. Insect Trust (13:50)
B2. Gibbering Ghosts Burning In Jelly (17:27)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Various Artists - Clouded Silver

Cassette, C90
Label : Epitapes, US

Another eclectic compilation cassette released by Epitapes, with great tracks by Vox Populi!, City Of Worms, Randy Greif, etc.

Tracklist :

A1. Epitapes - Window Recording Made At Midnight (0:50)
A2. City Of Worms - Hichotomy (4:24)
A3. City Of Worms - Pacisyphus (5:43)
A4. Subterfuge - Invocation (7:40)
A5. John Hudak - Font’s Point (3:45)
A6. Vox Populi! - Djerdjere (4:16)
A7. Vox Populi! - Ciel Ouvert (Open Sky) (2:06)
A8. Hessel Veldman - Fritz Auto Body (3:22)
A9. Enno Velthuys - Staring At The Lake (5:58)
A10. John Wiggins - Untitled (Dedicated To Morton Feldman) (5:31)
A11. John E - Break My Mind (3:22)
A12. Unknown Artist - Untitled (0:09)
B1. Randy Greif - A Man Described By Others (11:17)
B2. Redemption Inc. - Ab Muzac (4:49)
B3. Redemption Inc. - Beached (2:14)
B4. Genetic Plans - Can You Sing Chinese? (3:59)
B5. Catharsist - Peripheral Zoom (5:33)
B6. Almanacco Scuba - Guerra, No! (4:33)
B7. Zahgurim - Dropkick! (6:01)
B8. Minoy - The Impatient Angel (7:03)
B9. Robert Turman - Spirals Of Everlasting Change (Random Extracts) (1:44)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Various Artists - Cobwebs

Cassette, C90
Label : Epitapes, US

Excellent compilation released by an excellent label at the end of the eighties.

Tracklist :

A1. Unkown Artist - Intro (1:21)
A2. The Starkman - Blasphemy (3:49)
A3. La Nomenklatur - La Tentative (6:49)
A4. Compton Effect - French Connection (7:48)
A5. Compton Effect - Short Skip (9:54)
A6. Dan Joseph - The Flute (5:08)
A7. Nihil - Poisoned Popsong (2:52)
A8. Nihil - Cage (1:51)
A9. Neva - Frenezie (3:30)
A10. Masters Of The Obvious - Moronica (2:55)
A11. Unkown Artist - Untitled (1:16)
B1. Henry Hektik - g.o.2.m. (6:40)
B2. Henry Hektik - Crossfade (1:15)
B3. Henry Hektik - Blue Light Over Firm Walls (3:43)
B4. Vidna Obmana - Bondage Doom To Creator (5:42)
B5. Vidna Obmana - Breathe To Crystal Form (6:04)
B6. Deleted - Les Vacances (2:20)
B7. Deleted - The Perfect Form (3:18)
B8. Klimperei - 13,000 Poules Mortes (1:07)
B9. Zobel/Thomasius - Schlaflied (3:24)
B10. Zobel/Thomasius - Monchhausen (2:29)
B11. Psychological Warfare Branch - Western Pop Culture (2:59)
B12. Psychological Warfare Branch - Lebersraum Amerikkka (1:46)
B13. Un-Film - Halloween (1:29)
B14. Merzdow Shek - Untitled (2:21)
B15. Unkown Artist - Untitled (1:31)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big City Orchestra - A Good Time To Start Something New

Cassette, C60
Label : Epitapes, US, 1988

For Alex.

Tracklist :

A1. If You Would Be Loved, Love And Be Lovable (26:03)
A2. You Will Enjoy Good Health (4:40)
B1. Life To You Is A Bold Adventure (9:40)
B2. Help Will Be Needed (21:16)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deathranch - A Prisoner

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1989

That cassette is a personal favorite of mine, especially the last track "Flaming Carrott".
Deathranch was Cliff Neighbors and Pete Leeming, two Big City Orchestra members as well. The first Deathranch appearance was on "Massacre Of The Innocents" (I've always wondered why it was not only a BCO cassette as the two Deathranch members are also BCO members...). "A Prisoner" is to my knowledge the only Deathranch release.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "A band from the hand of BCO, Deathranch's "A Prisoner" takes none -- deep, dark, dreamless and dronish -- pretty much what you'd think a deathranch would sound like -- minus the horses-out-bloody-rageous".
I've found that recent description of Cliff Neighbors on the Net : "Cliff Neighbors has been making underground experimental and electronic music and sound design since 1981. Much of the work publicly attributed to him was actually done by someone else. Work that he did perform was often credited to other people, or not at all. He claims to have recorded, produced and performed various forms of sound art for radio, theater, film, dance, gallery and literary events, parties, pranks, and demolitions. Past affiliations include Mad Scientists, Deathranch, Big City Orchestra, Crawling With Tarts, Ham On Rye, Moving and Storage/Crash Burn and Die, The Haters, Peoplehater and Edgar Winter's White Trash".
More Big City Orchestra and Sound Of Pig posts soon or later !

Tracklist :

A1. The Chair (Joy Of Torment) (3:28)
A2. Love You (Dialectical Ephemeralism) (8:39)
A3. Dream (Texas Sex Virus) (5:26)
A4. Drone (Ranch Style) (6:19)
A5. Halloween (Oz On Mou, KZSC) (6:51)
B1. Headache (Serenade To Pain) (15:18)
B2. Princess Lucia (Castle Antics) (4:51)
B3. Flaming Carrott (Read Along With Issue #13) (9:53)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If, Bwana / XTSW - R.ISMV.1

Label : Anckarström, Sweden, 1991

Tracklist :

1. R.ISMV.1 (32:46)
2. In Deepest, Darkest... (23:29)


Friday, January 2, 2009

XTSW - West

Cassette, C90
Label : Freedom In A Vacuum, Canada, 1987
Ripped by a.b.a.s.t.

XTSW was a band around Al Margolis - aka If, Bwana -, the owner of the famous Sound Of Pig Music cassette label.
That cassette was recorded live on KZSC, Santa Cruz, 11/26/87, and features Big City Orchestra members Cliff Neighbors and Das (the radio host).