Sunday, January 31, 2010

DumDum Score - Audio Sheep

Label : Newcastle Media Workshops, UK, 1986

Obscure LP by DumDum Score aka Chris Simpson, from the same town as :zoviet*france:, Newcastle upon Tyne. Covers of other records were used, with a DumDum Score sticker on them. A very great LP, that did not deserve to fall into oblivion...

Tracklist :

A1. Slab (2:16)
A2. Blood Drum Speaks (1:36)
A3. Closer Than A Brother (3:08)
A4. Day Four (2:10)
A5. West (2:20)
A6. Think Out Loud (2:39)
A7. Trench (2:20)
A8. Swells And Flows (3:08)
B1. Cento (1:58)
B2. Luck Love (4:03)
B3. Going Under Again (3:54)
B4. Shore (3:18)
B5. Heads Of Tulips (3:54)
B6. Blinding (1:33)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Serafuse - Fallen Angel

Label : Charrm, UK, 1996

Ambient techno on :zoviet*france: label.

Tracklist :

1. Initiate (3:19)
2. Glide (6:41)
3. Star (1:02)
4. Flower (9:50)
5. Alone (3:35)
6. Embraced (5:43)
7. Unknown? (8:14)
8. Return (5:58)
9. Free(Emersion) (4:09)
10. Fallen (6:59)
11. Angel (15:49)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Zoviet France - Shteirlel

Label : Altvinyl, UK, 2008
Limited edition of 150 numbered copies

Those files were downloaded on soulseek, cleaned with Adobe Audition, and encoded in mp3Pro maximum quality by Autodolor.

Tracklist :

A. Part 1 (3:30)
B. Part 2 (7:46)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Zoviet France - Interview On Dutch Radio

Radio Interview, The Netherlands, circa 1996

Interview with Ben Ponton and Mark Warren on a Dutch radio. Anyone more info about that recording ?
Read more interviews by :zoviet*france: co-founder Robin Storey here.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zoviet France & Evan Parker - Live At Conway Hall, London, March 8, 1996

Unreleased recording, UK, 1996
Ripped by Tom

That collaboration was recorded live during the LMC's New Aural Series at Conway Hall, London, on March 8, 1996. An excerpt was included in the Resonance Vol.5 N°2 compilation CD.

Tracklist :

1. Live At Conway Hall (59:13)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zoviet France - Live In My Livingroom

Label : ZH27, US, 2008
Limited edition of 27 copies
Ripped by Tom

"Joee Conroy had booked Zoviet France to play Snaglewet (the old Tewlegans Tavern) on a Friday night. Later the club books the Flat Duo Jets on the same night without informing Joee or Zoviet France. When Zoviet France arrive to find out this information a hubub ensues and they ask to Joee 'Whose apartment can we play nearby?' I had made up some posters for the show - silkscreened a design on fake wood laminate (which I put on metal telephone poles) and fake ceramic floor tiling (which I put on wood telephone poles) in celebration of their legendary packaging. (Joee's poster was especially bad and this encouraged me to do my own.) So Joee suggests my apartment which was extremely close to Snaglewets. Thus one hot sweaty night in mid-May 1991 Zoviet France played in my livingroom through my stereo & this release is a recording of that show. The air conditioner had to be turned off to avoid adding noise to the show but after the show a few members of Zoviet France remarked they were quite pleasantly surprised to hear planes flying overhead during the show. My apartment was on one of the flight paths of United Parcel Service and the air traffic was an interesting addition to the show".
Zan Hoffman

Additional notes :
- Released without the authorization of the band ;
- Officially limited to 27, but more copies where sold ;
- Zan Hoffman asked Megaupload to remove the link because he had "not given permission for this to be issued online" (LOL).

Tracklist :

1. Live In My Linvingroom (50:49)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Illusion Of Safety - Live Im C.U.B.A.

Unofficial release, Germany, 2001

Live recording from the Illusion Of Safety concert at C.U.B.A., Münster, Germany, on April 20, 2001.

Listen / download more recent live Illusion Of Safety :
Live On Rare Frequency - October 23, 2008
Live At WFMU Airborne Event - October 26, 2008
Live At The Lab - December 12, 2008

Tracklist :

1. Untitled (48:44)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Illusion Of Safety - ...odds

Label : Self-released, US, 2000
Limited edition of 200 numbered copies

CDr created to be sold primarily at live performances. The tracks are live unreleased performances from 2000 + two new studio compositions, and two previously unavailable recordings from 1994.
Track 1 : live improvisation collaboration with Theresa Marin Nakra at RRR Loft, June 21st, 2000 ;
Track 2 : remix (2000) from a live peformance in Rennes, France, 1997 ;
Track 3 : combination of a string/orchestral piece from 1988 and a computer manipulation done in 2001 ;
Track 4 : solo piece by Chris Block, 1994 ;
Track 5 : solo piece by Dan Burke, 1994 ;
Tracks 6 & 7 : solo performance by Dan Burke at Dead Tech gallery, Chicago, 2000.

Tracklist :

1. Live In Lowell (17:41)
2. Rennes Part 1 Mix 2 (3:16)
3. Paradise (Is) Unlivable (19:20)
4. Five Minutes Approving (7:58)
5. Out The Window (8:52)
6. 11-5-00 Dead Tech Part 1 (4:28)
7. 11-5-00 Dead Tech Part 2 (4:55)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illusion Of Safety - Entitled

Label : Auf Abwegen, Germany, 2002
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

Another amazing Illusion Of Safety release - recent but rare :
"created to celebrate the 10 year existence of aufabwegen magazine
released with aa#32 in a limited edition of 100 copies"

Tracklist :

1. Entitled (40:41)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dead Tech - Untitled

Cassette, C90
Label : Complacency, US, 1985
Ripped by rayman

From Dead Tech MySpace : "In 1981, Mitch Enderle was the first collaborator with Dan Burke recording as Psychotic Dub, which later became Illusion Of Safety. In 1985 Mitch released a cassette on Complacency called Dead Tech. This work was Industrial music described as "noise like it used to be", featuring distorted drum machine, loops, samples, synth, guitar, and vocals very similar to early SPK, Nocturnal Emission, and Test Department".

Tracklist :

A1. Got Me On The Run
A2. Desolate-Demolition
A3. Halls Of Shame
A4. Feel The Steal
A5. Pit Of Darkness
A6. Where's God?
A7. Incoming
A8. Rip The Flesh
A9. Sludge Is My Semen
A10. Drown In Fallout
B1. Catalavox
B2. Enemy Of The State
B3. Fear
B4. 7 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
B5. Temple Offering
B6. Hot Box Of Genocide
B7. Rotting Thoughts
B8. I'm An Angel!
B9. Frustrated By Distortions

Friday, January 1, 2010

Illusion Of Safety - RVE

Cassette, C46
Label : Complacency, US, 1991
Ripped by caronte

As far as I know, the performers on that obscure Illusion Of Safety release are Dan Burke and Jim O'Rourke. A brilliant cassette of ambient post-industrial music !