Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zoviet France - Live In My Livingroom

Label : ZH27, US, 2008
Limited edition of 27 copies
Ripped by Tom

"Joee Conroy had booked Zoviet France to play Snaglewet (the old Tewlegans Tavern) on a Friday night. Later the club books the Flat Duo Jets on the same night without informing Joee or Zoviet France. When Zoviet France arrive to find out this information a hubub ensues and they ask to Joee 'Whose apartment can we play nearby?' I had made up some posters for the show - silkscreened a design on fake wood laminate (which I put on metal telephone poles) and fake ceramic floor tiling (which I put on wood telephone poles) in celebration of their legendary packaging. (Joee's poster was especially bad and this encouraged me to do my own.) So Joee suggests my apartment which was extremely close to Snaglewets. Thus one hot sweaty night in mid-May 1991 Zoviet France played in my livingroom through my stereo & this release is a recording of that show. The air conditioner had to be turned off to avoid adding noise to the show but after the show a few members of Zoviet France remarked they were quite pleasantly surprised to hear planes flying overhead during the show. My apartment was on one of the flight paths of United Parcel Service and the air traffic was an interesting addition to the show".
Zan Hoffman

Additional notes :
- Released without the authorization of the band ;
- Officially limited to 27, but more copies where sold ;
- Zan Hoffman asked Megaupload to remove the link because he had "not given permission for this to be issued online" (LOL).

Tracklist :

1. Live In My Linvingroom (50:49)



Art Of Losing said...

Great post. They can come to play in my house when they want ...

Zan said...

It was wonderful + I am sorry, but I must ask for the audio link to be removed. I have not given permission for this to be issued online.
Best wishes
Zan Hoffman

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Sorry I can't hear it, but it's a great story and I'm glad it got documented

Anonymous said...

It was shared at a lousy 128, so it is better that it was taken down.

Anonymous said...

yo zan, are you releasing this without the bands permission? and then taking it down seems kinda hypocritical. The honest thing to do would have been not to sell it at all or put it up on a website urself

Anonymous said...

@ Zan so you're taking down a link to a bootleg of yours because you don't have permission!?!

Zan said...

Had no idea this thread continued. The issue has been resolved between the band and myself, thanks for your concern, Anonymous.
I see no hypocrisy involved because it wouldn't matter what recording was in question. The blog had no permission from my label to put one of my releases online & refused to take it down when asked. Because I was unsure of the status of the recording it was especially bad for it to be online.

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Anonymous said...

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