Monday, July 27, 2009

Arnovah - Transparency

Cassette, C46
Label : Process Record, France, 1987
Ripped by svet_9

No info about that cassette, and nearly nothing about french artist Arnovah on the web. Only the files. But when the music is as good as that, this is enough !

Tracklist :

A1. Transparency 1
A2. Sorcières Des Eaux
A3. Antipsychiatry
B1. Sensor
B2. Rituel Technicolor
B3. Highmoon
B4. Transparency 2

Friday, July 24, 2009

Costes Cassette - Ma Musique Sur Ta Musique

Cassette, C46
Label : Émergence Du Refus, France
Ripped by Rainier

Another rare jewel provided by Rainier...
Crazy Costes singing on musics by In Aeternam Vale, Stenka Bazin, No Unauthorized, Vox Paris, Jeff Laryngo and Groupe 33.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stenka Bazin - Guanajuato

Cassette, C60
Label : Émergence Du Refus, France
Ripped by Rainier

That's an incredible gift !!! I didn't even know that cassette existed. Thanks to Rainier, another rare Stenka Bazin cassette has been excavated...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stenka Bazin - Racines

Cassette, C60
Label : Émergence Du Refus, France

Mostly unknown but excellent french noise industrial artist from the golden age. Claude Escarmand (alias Stenka Bazin) was also running the Émergence Du Refus label.

Tracklist :

A1. Crépuscule
A2. Force D'Intervention
A3. Lumières Pour Un Massacre
A4. Valzakapé
B1. Quart D'Heure
B2. Transit
B3. Pôle
B4. Diffomite 1
B5. Alcools

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Le Syndicat - Mars

Cassette, C46
Label : La Procédure, France, 1987
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies
Ripped & scanned by Cobe

"Mars" is the first cassette released by La Procédure label (a division of Le Syndicat label), and comes in a special cardboard box with a 52p. artwork booklet.

After many years of silence, Le Syndicat is coming back soon !!!
An amazing LP with new material is to be released this year by french label rotorelief. Before that, a CD will be released by russian label Monochrome Vision : "This CD is a collection of rare tracks previously released on obscure tape compilations and includes the very first live recording session". Meanwhile you can listen to the special podcast about Le Syndicat our russian friends have recently produced.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie - Tristesse Psychotronique

Label : RRR, US, 1991

This is Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie (alias Marc Alhanati) debut LP, one of the few LPs by french artists on RRR label (after X-Ray Pop and Le Syndicat). The second record by Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie was a mini CD released by SFCR. The third and last record, released under the artist name Dark Vomal Âme-Code, is a CD that is quite obscure and not distributed anymore.
By the early 90s, Marc Alhanati once told me that the tracks he was creating were longer than any available tape lengths, so he could not record them complete. Mp3 has appeared since then but Marc has disappeared. If you read this, Marc, and have unreleased mp3s you would like to share, please let me know...

Tracklist :

Alpha Side
A1. Electrone (Flies Mix) (2:36)
A2. Necranalyse Psychotronique (5.2.2 Mix) (16:45)
Beta Side
B. Necranalyse Psychotronique (23:24)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

François Douris - Le Disque Bruitiste

Label : RRR, US, 1995
Limited edition of 200 numbered copies

Minimal noise debut LP by french sound artist François Douris.
As far as I know, "Le Disque Bruitiste" was initially a self-released LP, but RRRon decided to buy the stock and then it became a RRR release.
François Douris is also running Les Disques Bruitistes label and is looking for artists to be released.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Recycled Music

Cassette, C46
Label : RRR, US

Last Das Synthetische Mischgewebe post for now...

NOT TO BE MISSED : DSM will be playing live in Paris on july 17th. Infos here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Was Ist Das, Die Realitat?

Cassette, C60
Label : Tonspur Tapes, Germany, 1990

Another DSM cassette requested by Wackelpeter.

Tracklist :

A1. High - Tech - Tuberkulose (10:10)
A2. Das Begrenzte Lächeln (16:40)
B1. Invisible Wars (14:34)
B2. Spekulative Errinerungen (11:50)