Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big City Orchestra & Deathranch - Massacre Of The Innocents

Cassette, C90
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1985
Ripped by Schraube

The beginner may be lost in front of the dozens of cassettes released by Big City Orchestra during the two last decades... "Massacre Of The Innocents" is a good place to start. It's still one of my favourite Big City Orchestra tapes since I bought it twenty years ago.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "BCO & DR collaborate on a tape that is dark & ominous, at times even orchestral, yet humorous too. A new growth and a new step. Insanity rules!"
More Big City Orchestra and Deathranch music will be posted here in the future...

Tracklist :

A1. Blue Note Blue Noise (8:22)
A2. Tu Pa Pa Au (6:31)
A3. Cannibals (15:33)
A4. Iron Works (6:38)
A5. Cerebral Edema (4:26)
A6. Blind Bat (2:32)
A7. Warsaw (1:56)
B1. Burial (3:19)
B2. Norwahl (6:25)
B3. Whatever You Want (7:20)
B4. Relax (6:23)
B5. YAMC (Yet Another Madonna Clone) (3:48)
B6. For We Love No One (4:28)
B7. Womyns Muzik (7:57)
B8. Education (3:01)
B9. Biting Through (3:20)


weirdpixie said...

Wow! Fabulous that you still have this original cassette (not to mention that you purchased it 20 some-odd years ago).

We just love hearing about stuff like this. dAS is constantly amazed whenever we tour Europe with BCO that someone at a show will inevitably walk up at the end with an old cassette release in their hand with a funny story of how they came across it.

Thanks for the nice blog post :)

tristan.koreya said...

Thank you Ninah for your comment !
It’s always nice to hear from artists who appreciate to see their music on the blogosphere.
I’m looking forward to seeing BCO live in France one day…

Anonymous said...

Hi, great thanks for this post and congratulation for your nice blog.
Here I let 3 links, where you can download among other things more good newer stuff from this wonderful band and of course other interesting music.
Enjoy and greetings [POL-PAT]
(split w/The Haters),tape-archive "ZNS"
(2 x[csr 009 and + csr 060] and 1 compilation-track [csr 020 with the name Big Celestrial Orchestre]), netlabel Comfort Stand
(6 x[umb 016,047,077,086,098 and 102), netlabel The Umbrella Noize Collective

Anonymous said...

P.S.:The links are for music from Big City Orchestra, I like Deathranch too, which I don't know before. Greetings again [POL-PAT]

Anonymous said...

Excellente K7 !!! J'adore ce groupe. Mais pouquoi n'est il pas + connu ?

El Topo said...

One of my favourites groups!
Great work!
If anyone could help me i'm still searching this two items:
1- "The four cassettes of apocalypse" [CD]
2- "A good time to start something new" [K7]
Thank you all!

Alex said...

In my opinion one of the most original and interesting band of all times. Experimental, surreal and self-ironic wonderfully blended together. There are many releases available on the net (see but i'm still searching the K7: "A Good Time To Start Something New". If you can help me I'll be grateful. Many thanks. Alex