Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brion Gysin - Interview

Cassette, C90, Single sided
Label : Staaltape, The Netherlands
Ripped by 433 RPM

Thanks to 433 RPM of No Longer Forgotten Music for that rip !
That interview cassette was sold in wooden box with another one by The Master Musicians Of Joujouka, "Recorded Live In France". Here, Brion Gysin, interviewed by Harry Hoogstraten, June 21, 1981, talks about Jean Genet, David Bowie, his daily life in Paris, etc.
With that new post, the Staaltape collection available on blogs for free download is nearly complete.

Brion Gysin at work :

Excerpt from "Brion Gysin's Dreamachine" video processed by The Hafler Trio & Radio Rabotnik TV [1990] :

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jeph Jerman / Hands To - Interview & Exclusive Recording [Radio Broadcast Series #3]

Exclusive recordings, US, 1990

In March 1990, Jeph Jerman recorded an interview for our local radio show, as well as a Hands To exclusive track designed for a unique airplay. In the interview, he describes that track like that :
"This piece is based on an idea of sensory overload, like having so much information coming that you can't deal with it, and it sets up a sort of feedback in your brain which induce your ability to process the information that's coming in. I haven't released these pieces anywhere else. I have released different versions of them on several different cassettes, but in this form, that I send you, this is only place you may be able to hear it".
After the listen of the audio interview, I suggest the reading of that more recent one, that is an excellent complement and continuation.

Tracklist :

1. Jeph Jerman - Interview (19:53)
2. Hands To - Recrens [Exclusive Track] (15:42)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Holeist / Illusion Of Safety - Untitled

Label : Complacency, US, 1989
Ripped by Trantor

In 1989, Complacency released a Hands To / Eric Lunde split LP. At the same time, came that Holeist / Illusion Of Safety LP. Holeist was Dan Burke + Jeph Jerman + Eric Lunde.
The Holeist side was "recorded during the Hands To / Eric Lunde split LP sessions in the comfort of Lunde's living room on equipment provided by Dan Burke". The IOS side was recorded live in July 1989.
The only other appearance of Holeist is a live recording on a split cassette.

Tracklist :

A1. Holeist - Soileth
A2. Holeist - 'Unsheltered'
A3. Holeist - Hazur
A4. Holeist - Stahlmesser
B1. Illusion Of Safety - Live 7/9/89 Chicago Laminating
B2. Illusion Of Safety - Live 7/17/89 Club Lower Links Chicago
B3. Illusion Of Safety - Live 7/22/89 Francis Ford Studio Milwaukee


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Illusion Of Safety w/ Dead Tech - Confusion

Cassette, C60
Label : Deaf Eye, Germany, 1988

That cassette is one of the most obscure by Illusion Of Safety. According to the cover, it was previously released on Complacency under the title "The Best of Dead Tech and Illusion Of Safety".
Dead Tech (alias Mitch Enderle) recently came back for a very first live appearance. On Dead Tech Myspace page, we can read :
"In 1981, Mitch Enderle was the first collaborator with Dan Burke recording as Psychotic Dub, which later became Illusion Of Safety. In 1985 Mitch released a cassette on Complacency called Dead Tech. This work was Industrial music described as "noise like it used to be", featuring distorted drum machine, loops, samples, synth, guitar, and vocals very similar to early SPK, Nocturnal Emission, and Test Department. For this performance longtime collaborators Mitch and Dan will be recreating some of this material for a one off performance at Enemy".

Tracklist :

A1. Catalavox (4:32)
A2. Extreme State Of Fear (3:41)
A3. Ethical Nihilism (3:06)
A4. Religious Sexual Spasm (1:28)
A5. Mother (5:05)
A6. Got Me On The Run (5:11)
A7. You Fingered Out / Anger And Hatred Are Very Powerful Emotions (5:12)
A8. 300 Gallon Loop (1:11)
B1. Cast It To The Potter (3:50)
B2. Feel The Steel (4:11)
B3. James (5:41)
B4. So You Think About It (1:58)
B5. Music Without A Film (1:54)
B6. Confusion (2:39)
B7. Who's In Charge (8:30)
B8. Frustrated By Distortions (In This Chemical Venture) (0:28)

New video work for Dead Tech first performance @ Enemy, Chicago on 8-22-08 :

Monday, October 20, 2008

Illusion Of Safety - Repairs

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, 1988
Ripped by Schraube

Those who arrived too late to download "Fin De Siècle" will be consolated with a few more Illusion Of Safety obscure classics...
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "Fresh from their LP, IOS lays a tape on SOP -- a song tape that represents the band's live sound -- and a damn good sound it is too -- the beat goes on".

Tracklist :

A1. Cockbeat
A2. In Nothing We Believed
A3. Discipline
A4. Extreme State Of Fear
A5. I Was The Killer
A6. Doesn't Your Work Interest You, Esther?
B1. Repairs (Safety First - Quietly As You Can)
B2. Ord
B3. Tranethrash (John And Dagoth Meet - Jimmy's Clubbing)
B4. Primordial
B5. The Boat Piece

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Illusion Of Safety - Fin De Siècle

Label : Korm Plastics, The Netherlands, 1995
Limited edition of 250 copies

Tracklist :

A. Fin De Siècle (Part One)
B. Fin De Siècle (Part Three)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small Cruel Party - Do You Believe In A Pencil ?

Label : Small Cruel Party, US, 1991

This is the first Small Cruel Party CD.
Though nothing has been released since 2003, Key Ransone's Small Cruel Party is still active and has performed live that summer in France.
I've recently discovered that Key Ransone is now a vegetarian cook in a Paris' restaurant just a few blocks from the place where I'm sending that post...

Tracklist :

1. Untitled (26:47)
2. Untitled (46:23)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Various Artists - Régénération - Dégénérescence

2 x CD
Label : Kaon, France, 1997
Limited edition of 500 copies

"There is, in the Limoges (France) area, a number of neglected industrial sites. If one's walking in these sites he would be able to experience their past activities - more or less recent ; it would be revealed by characteristic material or by the site's layout itself. One of these places has hold our attention : an industrial complex of 10 hectares was created at the end of the 19th century on the banks of a river. Its goal was to regenerate hevea's sap in order to manufacture tires, tennis balls, soles, gloves, teats... It helped the just born latex civilization to grow... This decaying factory, disused since some years, was ruined by many fires due to the numerous flammable and polluting materials located on site. Despite the fact that the place is disused, it has got a strong sound identity, a rich sound spectrum.
It was very important for us to introduce this area to you. The interest was to combine the place's discovery with the discovery of the works of numerous artists - working with field recordings made on specific sites. The recording of sound atmospheres of a place could be considered as fixing a fragment of time, space, history (Quite like a photograph).
Representative matters (wood, stone, rubber) of the factory were taken, then sent to the artists. The parcel also contains photographs of the place and a representative sound sample of 15 mn, a kind of sound plotting. This field recording was made by TOY BIZARRE in January and February 1996 and edited by Bruno MOREIGNE. We decided to avoid human sound sources in order to let the place "express itself". With these 15 minutes of sound and the various samples of the place, each artist was able to give its own sound interpretation of the place. The one and only restraints were : to use ONLY the sounds we gave (to do a sound regeneration) and to record a track of 4 mn 30 maximum. All the sound treatment/composition methods were authorized. [You can listen to the original sounds by playing the uneven tracks.]
We can draw a parallel between the rubber regeneration (past activity of the factory) and the regeneration of the factory's actual sound (the result of the decay of the place) ; that's the core of this project. This parallel also allows us to apprehend the sensibilities, the place's visions of each artist - because they all worked on the same sound basis".

Tracklist :

1-1. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:30)
1-2. Aglaopheme - Héphaistos (4:14)
1-3. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:32)
1-4. Alio Die - Untitled (4:58)
1-5. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:34)
1-6. Aube - Reminded Elements (4:31)
1-7. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:31)
1-8. Pierre Bouchet - Atmosphère N1 (5:32)
1-9. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:33)
1-10. Brume - Résurrection (4:16)
1-11. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:35)
1-12. C.O. Caspar - Regeneration (4:41)
1-13. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:32)
1-14. Cranioclast - N 43 Breffy Le Ramier (4:32)
1-15. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:32)
1-16. Crawl Unit - Response To Site (Water On Metal) (4:24)
1-17. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:39)
1-18. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Virtual Concret (4:34)
1-19. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:41)
1-20. Hands To - Regeneration & Decay (4:53)
1-21. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:35)
1-22. Hybryds - Haunted Flies The Phenix (4:49)
1-23. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:33)
1-24. Illusion Of Safety - Machine 101 (4:50)
1-25. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:34)
1-26. Inanna - Son Of Bony Seeds (5:32)
1-27. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (1:37)
2-1. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:34)
2-2. Kapotte Muziek - Untitled (4:26)
2-3. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:29)
2-4. Francisco López - Implantation De 10 Machines (4:12)
2-5. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:31)
2-6. Maeror Tri - Terraformen 1 (5:15)
2-7. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:32)
2-8. Daniel Menche - Room Full Of Truth (9:27)
2-9. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:31)
2-10. Bruno Moreigne - Hévéa 2nde Génération (4:17)
2-11. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:32)
2-12. Ora - Untitled (3:34)
2-13. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:31)
2-14. Small Cruell Party - La Poussière Des Murs Détruit Le Passé (4:30)
2-15. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:29)
2-16. Söldnergeist - Sand Und Gestein (5:11)
2-17. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:30)
2-18. Asmus Tietchens - Industrie Perdue (2:19)
2-19. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:33)
2-20. Toy Bizarre - KDI DCTB 41 (3:49)
2-21. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:30)
2-22. John Watermann - Untitled (4:56)
2-23. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:30)
2-24. Ralf Wehowsky - Kein Schöner... (4:28)
2-25. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:35)
2-26. Wild Shores - Le Laminoir Des Filtreuses (4:42)
2-27. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (0:30)
2-28. Achim Wollscheid - The Little Extra (2:39)
2-29. Toy Bizarre - Untitled (1:28)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pierre Bouchet - La Méthode Du Discours

3" CD
Label : Suicide Commercial, France, 1995

Pierre Bouchet = Lieutenant Caramel = Felipe Caramelos = Moly = Philippe Blanchard...
French non-academic electroacoustic music.
Thanks to Rainier for cover scans.

Tracklist :

1. Vous L'Aurez Pas Ma Vraie Voix (4:24)
2. Horizon Pâté Croûte (5:32)
3. Non ! Je N'Ai Pas D'Idée... (5:50)
4. On Tombe Dans Le Baudelaire (3:07)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deux Pingouins - Karisma Ha

3" CD
Label : éditions Cactus, France, 1993

Deux Pingouins is Jean-Philippe Fée + Sylvie Martineau from DDAA. Their first cassette can be heard here.

Tracklist :

1. Karisma Ha (4:31)
2. La Guitare Déformée (2:18)
3. House On The Beach (6:35)
4. Mrkrpxzkrmtfrz / Dark's Day (7:05)

Monday, October 6, 2008

DDAA - Bruit-Son-Petit Son

3" CD
Label : Kill Your Idol, Belgium, 1991
Limited edition of 560 numbered copies

Tracklist :

1. C'est Une Journée De Pluie (9:55)
2. Écrou Et Boulon (3:10)
3. Fugue Pour Tôle Préparée (3:48)
4. J'ai Dégueulé La Mandoline (3:00)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

DDAA - When A Cap Is Raising

Label : Big Noise In Archgate, UK, 1988

Tracklist :

A1. Chemin De Pierre (1:31)
A2. Little Boy (2:23)
A3. Exploration (3:35)
A4. Kembou (3:55)
A5. Gaicha Girl (3:16)
A6. Passage On Nihon Bridge (4:09)
B1. Terror Interdit (5:50)
B2. Dig It's Dig (4:41)
B3. Pourquoi Un Homme Est-il Un Homme Et Un Chat Un Chat ? (10:12)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tlön Uqbar - La Bola Perdida

Label : Staalplaat, The Netherlands, 1999

Tlön Uqbar is Désaccord Majeur + Internal Fusion.

Tracklist :

1. Yemishe (10:16)
2. Succurath (10:54)
3. Yaquaru (10:00)
4. Elengassen (11:23)
5. Mylodon (12:39)