Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jeph Jerman / Hands To - Interview & Exclusive Recording [Radio Broadcast Series #3]

Exclusive recordings, US, 1990

In March 1990, Jeph Jerman recorded an interview for our local radio show, as well as a Hands To exclusive track designed for a unique airplay. In the interview, he describes that track like that :
"This piece is based on an idea of sensory overload, like having so much information coming that you can't deal with it, and it sets up a sort of feedback in your brain which induce your ability to process the information that's coming in. I haven't released these pieces anywhere else. I have released different versions of them on several different cassettes, but in this form, that I send you, this is only place you may be able to hear it".
After the listen of the audio interview, I suggest the reading of that more recent one, that is an excellent complement and continuation.

Tracklist :

1. Jeph Jerman - Interview (19:53)
2. Hands To - Recrens [Exclusive Track] (15:42)


soundhead said...

rapidshare says I can't download this. bummer. is there anything you can do?

Anonymous said...

too bad that the new rapidshare rules won't allow for more than 10 downloads... could someone that downloaded it upload it again?

tristan.koreya said...

i've re-uploaded the folder with megaupload. if there's a problem let me know...

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks so much for the reup, very very appreciated!!!

DB Harps said...

very nice! jerman is a fascinating guy.