Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small Cruel Party - Do You Believe In A Pencil ?

Label : Small Cruel Party, US, 1991

This is the first Small Cruel Party CD.
Though nothing has been released since 2003, Key Ransone's Small Cruel Party is still active and has performed live that summer in France.
I've recently discovered that Key Ransone is now a vegetarian cook in a Paris' restaurant just a few blocks from the place where I'm sending that post...

Tracklist :

1. Untitled (26:47)
2. Untitled (46:23)


skullgrid said...

nice one. some of today's "drone"-merchants should hear this stuff and realize what came before... always enjoyed this group.

Anonymous said...

I have a double of this release and would sell it for 15 Euro, just send me an email

Andrew Mc said...

I've lost this gem, and now the link is no longer working.
Could you re-UP?
Many thanks for your fantastic work.
Andrew Mc

rekac said...

tkans for the link

untitled said...

great share!