Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brion Gysin - Interview

Cassette, C90, Single sided
Label : Staaltape, The Netherlands
Ripped by 433 RPM

Thanks to 433 RPM of No Longer Forgotten Music for that rip !
That interview cassette was sold in wooden box with another one by The Master Musicians Of Joujouka, "Recorded Live In France". Here, Brion Gysin, interviewed by Harry Hoogstraten, June 21, 1981, talks about Jean Genet, David Bowie, his daily life in Paris, etc.
With that new post, the Staaltape collection available on blogs for free download is nearly complete.

Brion Gysin at work :

Excerpt from "Brion Gysin's Dreamachine" video processed by The Hafler Trio & Radio Rabotnik TV [1990] :

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"Artiment" - Hands To
(2 tapes)