Friday, June 28, 2013

Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre - Figures Du Jardin D'Amour

Cassette, C46
Label : Home Produkt, Belgium, 1982
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. Die Libido Ist Blau (Plaisanterie Aimable)
A2. Liefdesbrief
A3. La Renkonto
A4. Oriental Love Theme
A5. Les Uns Dans Les Autres
A6. La Scène Du Bouquet De Fleurs
A7. Coup De Foudre (Ce Serait Trop Bête Si Ce N'Etait Si Beau)
A8. Les Amants Trépassés
A9. Le Bordel Amer
B1. Mariage Forcé
B2. Courrier Du Coeur
B3. Ceux Qui S'aiment S'En Foutent
B4. Elle Va Connaitre La Déception
B5. L'invasion Des Spermudes
B6. Le Beau Parleur
B7. Joie D'Aimer
B8. La Paie Est Bue
B9. Pourquoi Faut-Il Un Jour Se Dire Adieu?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shub-Niggurath - Live

Cassette, C35
Label : Auricle, UK, 1989
Ripped by Carlo

"Shub Niggurath - Lovecraftian in name, dark and menacing in nature. A captivating and strange rock-fusion, full of invention and far beyond anything you'll have heard before!"

Tracklist :

A1. Ocean (8:35)
A2. Promethee Foudroye (4:44)
A3. Phineos 1 (3:39)
B1. Phineos 2 (2:55)
B2. Variation (9:32)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - Rebound

Cassette, C46
Label : Contaminated Productions, Italy, 1993
Ripped by Carlo

German duo on Italian label.
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide is Siegmar Fricke + Dieter Maunson.
Some of their releases have been remastered and are available for free download here.

Tracklist :

A1. Soporific Range Of Thought
A2. Senescence
B1. Ashford Mortuary (Psycho-Therapy Sick-Ward)
B2. Painful Return

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hum Prōjimo - Ça Se Guérit

Label : Glasnost Records, Germany, 1992
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

1. Maultier (1:04)
2. Schmutzarbeit (3:25)
3. Floh Im Ohr (3:52)
4. Los Cannibales (3:01)
5. Sans Repos (3:32)
6. Golem (2:11)
7. Aus Dem Sand Ziehen (3:40)
8. Ellenbogen (2:25)
9. Jeudi La Gaffe (2:03)
10. I Ea ! (3:51)
11. Feigling (3:35)
12. Le Vieil Homme (4:13)
13. Niemals ! (4:20)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Thunder Orchestra / Vidna Obmana - Untitled

Label : Climax Productions, Belgium, 1988
Limited edition of 200 copies
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. A Thunder Orchestra - Rely On Kismet
A2. A Thunder Orchestra - Diabolical Gesture
B1. Vidna Obmana - Burnpassion
B2. Vidna Obmana - Inferno

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Architects Office - 1987

Cassette, C46
Label : ADN, Italy, 1989
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. AO 427.1 Live In San Francisco (VII·31·87)
A2. AO 427.4 Live In San Francisco (VII·31·87)
A3. AO 430.3 Live In Boulder, CO (VIII·27·87)
B1. AO 423.3 Live In Denver, CO (VI·20·87)
B2. AO 423.4 Live In Denver, CO (VI·20·87)
B3. AO 420 Live In Lyons, CO (VII·3·87)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dan Joseph - The Woolly Mammoth Tapes (1989)

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#30], Ivory Coast, 2013

"The Woolly Mammoth Tapes is a collection of five previously unreleased ambient-industrial tracks composed in close chronological proximity during the very late 1980s. At the time I was still in Washington, DC, living and working in an industrial loft space at 1512 14th Street in a building that also housed, among other artists and cultural enterprises, the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company. While there is no literal connection between these tracks and the theater company, it's a meaningful association for me and helps to
situate the music in its time and place.
The works mark the end of a 2 to 3-year period of working in this mode and stylistically follow three similar cassette releases - Morpheus (1987), Sonorous Alchemy (1988) and No.3 (1988), which were all distributed throughout the world by way of the international cassette underground. Further releases were in the works, but by that time I had already radically changed course musically and was beginning my formal composition studies that would take me to CalArts in Los Angeles in 1991, and nothing more was released.
These five tracks are among the best of my last remaining tape pieces and were all made on a Tascam 388 8-track porta-studio. The primary sound sources are electric guitar and a Korg DW8000 synthesizer, both heavily processed with an Ibanez DM-1100 digital delay and a Yamaha SPX90 multieffects processor. There is also a field recording made at Great Falls, MD (falls), and my voice (mammoth). The album image is a contemporaneous photo I took of my studio windows overlooking Church Street."
Dan Joseph

Tracklist :

1. Gemini (10:47)
2. Falls (10:25)
3. Breathing (12:49)
4. Mammoth (10:11)
5. Rattle (11:05)