Sunday, January 13, 2019

dROME / Another Headache - Father / Cacophony Concerto 2nd. Mvt.

Label : Work In Progress, UK, 1990
Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A. Drome - Father (4:04)
AA. Another Headache - Cacophony Concerto 2nd. Mvt. (6:08)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Various Artists - White Stained Covers

Label: Impulse, UK, 1993
Limited edition of 350 numbered copies
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A1. Stan Presley & The Glitter Dust All Stars - Rock & Roll
A2. The Ooo - I'm Coming Up Your Ass (With A Love Like That)
A3. Shitehouse - Mean As A Wasp
A4. NKVD - Trice Is Just As Nice
A5. Family Of Noise - Mindphaser
A6. Expose Your Eyes - Best Interview Yet
B1. THF - Totally Sick
B2. Another Headache - Say Thank You Mistress
B3. Fist Fuckers - You Don't Have To Say Please
B4. Earphaser - I'm Coming Round Your House
B5. Rob Cox Fan Club - Rapemaster Blues

Saturday, January 5, 2019

NKVD - Yeltsin 97

Label : Syntactic, Austria, 1997
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A. Yeltsin 97
B1. Beria Boys
B2. Sweet Sex Subliminal (Extended Versions Remix)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

NKVD - Lovers Of Libra

Cassette, C60
Label: audiofile Tapes, US, 1989
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A1. P.T.I. (Version)
A2. Rouge March
A3. Free Form Fetish (Inst.)
A4. Congo
A5. Wahn
A6. Viviola
A7. See You
B1. Bass 1
B2. Bass 2
B3. Mansonic Drop 1
B4. Mansonic Drop 2
B5. Heldon
B6. East Bank
B7. Kiram
B8. Lylah
B9. Death-Trip
B10. Sign-Out