Thursday, October 31, 2013

Javier Hernando - Penumbra Auricular

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#37], Ivory Coast, 2013

Javier Hernando is involved in industrial and experimental spanish music scene since the early 80s. "Penumbra Auricular" is a brand new piece recorded in 2013.

Tracklist :

1. Penumbra Auricular (20:39)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Various Artists - Cassette Gazette

Cassette, C46
Label : Unknown
Ripped by Achud Malax

I like it when someone excavate an obscure release like this !

Tracklist :

A1. Ice 9 - Untitled
A2. Winding Up Toys - Untitled
A3. Colin Potter - Untitled
A4. Lumbarjackbondforhell - Untitled
A5. Club Moral - Untitled
B1. The Instant Automatons - Untitled
B2. Rig Veeda - Untitled
B3. The Severed Heads - Untitled
B4. 262 - Untitled
B5. Naffi Sandwich - Untitled
B6. Waiting For Bardot - Untitled
B7. Dancing Free Fall - Untitled

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Deleted - Untitled

Cassette, C60
Label : EE Tapes, Belgium, 1988
Ripped by Achud Malax

Deleted was a side-project of Christophe Petchanatz (member of the Klimperei duo). This is the first Deleted cassette and the second release by belgian label EE Tapes.

Tracklist :

A1. Façade (3:10)
A2. Bénédicte (2:55)
A3. Les Sentiments (2:40)
A4. Fat Is Fashion (3:00)
A5. Cérémonie (3:15)
A6. The Dance (4:00)
A7. Attendre (4:10)
A8. We Repeat (2:50)
A9. Beyond (4:40)
B1. Silence (2:10)
B2. Avancer (4:05)
B3. Nowhere (3:35)
B4. Mother (3:55)
B5. Knife (3:35)
B6. The Tempel (2:05)
B7. IV (3:05)
B8. Vulcain (7:30)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Gethsémani - Ame Triste

Cassette, C60
Label : A Gethsémani, France, 1987
Ripped by Achud Malax

Achud Malax has ripped treasures from his cassette collection and I'm gonna post some of them. The first one is a rare cassette by obscure french cold wave / experimental band A Gethsémani. If you like them, you can find some more here.

Tracklist :

A1. Real Life
A2. Liverpool Night House
A3. Totenstill
A4. Impressions
A5. De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir
B1. Carroussel
B2. Spasme
B3. Cherree
B4. Cithyse
B5. Mangeneva
B6. Etape Mortelle

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maelstrøm - Ecmnesia

Cassette, C40
Label : Les Nouvelles Propagandes, France, 1991
Ripped by Indancetrial

Maelstrøm is Julien Ash, better known under the name Les Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites.

Tracklist :

A1. Parade (2:01)
A2. N (0:25)
A3. Noctiluques D'Etalingure Nivo-Glaciaires (4:44)
A4. Incarcération Des Allolyseurs (3:04)
A5. Pantografia (0:27)
A6. Dada Suicide Test (3:21)
A7. Lachrystmae Aethernae (4:14)
B1. Collection Perpétuelle (4:41)
B2. Onze Invertébrés (1:51)
B3. Marche En Eaux Troubles (3:20)
B4. Shkraközjiak (0:47)
B5. Silent Storm (1:48)
B6. Cannibalisme De Printemps (2:08)
B7. Monolithe (0:48)
B8. Epure (3:37)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Minamata - Résiduels

Cassette, C40
Label : Les Nouvelles Propagandes, France, 1987

This is the fourth and last Minamata cassette, a posthumous one, released after the end of the band, with unreleased and great compilation tracks.

Tracklist :

A1. Résiduel I
A2. Emle
A3. Stahlstich
A4. CH3Hg
A5. Vor Die Krankheit
B1. Le Genji
B2. Oxhydryle
B3. Résiduel II

Monday, October 7, 2013

Minamata - Mit Lautem Geschrei

Cassette, C40
Label : Les Nouvelles Propagandes, France, circa 1986

That cassette means so much to me that when I recently found it on another blog I've decided to re-post it.
This is the first Minamata cassette, recorded in three days during the summer of 1984, originally released the same year by french label New Wave, and later re-released by Les Nouvelles Propagandes. If you can read french, find here its detailed history.

Tracklist :

A1. Ich Liebe Dich Für Eine Nacht (7:47)
A2. Sex En Deuil (3:55)
A3. Mit Lautem Geschrei (5:39)
A4. J'En Veux Plus (3:27)
B1. Schamlose Liebschaft (5:40)
B2. Auf Der Suche Nach (4:39)
B3. No Death (5:19)