Sunday, October 27, 2013

Various Artists - Cassette Gazette

Cassette, C46
Label : Unknown
Ripped by Achud Malax

I like it when someone excavate an obscure release like this !

Tracklist :

A1. Ice 9 - Untitled
A2. Winding Up Toys - Untitled
A3. Colin Potter - Untitled
A4. Lumbarjackbondforhell - Untitled
A5. Club Moral - Untitled
B1. The Instant Automatons - Untitled
B2. Rig Veeda - Untitled
B3. The Severed Heads - Untitled
B4. 262 - Untitled
B5. Naffi Sandwich - Untitled
B6. Waiting For Bardot - Untitled
B7. Dancing Free Fall - Untitled


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Maybe at 320 next time?

Nicholas said...

Thank you, really a good surprise.
Almost all the tracks of this compilation are very interesting, some af the best of each group.