Saturday, October 18, 2008

Illusion Of Safety - Fin De Siècle

Label : Korm Plastics, The Netherlands, 1995
Limited edition of 250 copies

Tracklist :

A. Fin De Siècle (Part One)
B. Fin De Siècle (Part Three)


soundhead said...

this is great... thank you!

beequeen said...

can I ask you to remove this? Korm Plastics, my label, is planning a CD re-issue of this LP, inc bonus material, for release in 2009. I have nothing against all the obscure music which nobody can get, but this will be able to get again soon.


frans de waard

Anonymous said...

it's about time labels understood people don't buy all they download.

I downloaded that album, found it ok for a fast listen, but won't care more about it.

And if I can't download something, I won't buy it.

So, asking links to be removed = certainty not to sale.

Someone with a few thousand cds in his collection.

Anonymous said...

Selling stuff you got from artists for review purposes is not too nice either, Frans.