Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Grief - Au-Delà

Label : Dancetaria, France, 1990

French band The Grief has not been totally forgotten, as compilation CDs of archive material were recently released, but they certainly miss the recognition they deserve. Contrary to many industrial bands whose music turned more accessible if not commercial, The Grief belongs to the category of artists who followed the opposite way. Beginning with tapes of dark synth-pop, their music developped in both danceable and more experimental music. The best example of that double orientation is the brilliant boxset "Huis Clos", a double vinyl that has never been rereleased on CD – the master tapes were accidentally erased.
"Au-Delà", their first CD, is a compilation of tracks taken from previous releases re-recorded or remastered by Norscq. It presents the first period of the band.
Norscq, ex-member of The Grief, is selling on his website the last copies of long-time deleted records by The Grief, including the "Huis Clos" boxset :

1. A Morgun (2:50)
2. Bloodthirsty Bessie (5:53)
3. Amok (4:06)
4. Une Fois De Plus (4:23)
5. Le Quart D'Heure (2:52)
6. Au Delà (4:07)
7. Synopsis (3:24)
8. L'Aquarium (9:42)
9. Naissance D'Un Soupir (4:52)
10. Le Yéti (2:11)
11. Compréhension (Peut-Être Et Beaucoup D'Autres...) (4:42)
12. Get Up (5:50)
13. Abstraction (3:50)
14. Svar (5:33)
15. Mémoires D'Outre Tombe (6:02)


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