Friday, April 18, 2008

Bourbonese Qualk – Unreleased Demo [Radio Broadcast Series #1]

Cassette, C60, Single sided
Unreleased demo, UK, 1989

During the second half of the eighties, I had a weekly radio show dedicated to industrial & post-industrial musics on a french local radio station. I sometimes requested unreleased material as well as soundworks or interviews especially recorded for my show, from artists & labels I liked, for an exclusive airplay. I’ve decided to post some of these unique recordings on that blog. That’s the Radio Broadcast Series.

The first post is a Bourbonese Qualk 30 minutes unreleased demo that was sent to me by Simon Crab in june 1989. In his letter, Simon wrote :

"This is a collection of tracks that are sort of half finished, or incomplete in some way, we have a lot of tracks that never get onto records for various reasons, maybe one out of ten tracks gets onto record and is performed live - these are the ones that don't, or at least some of them. We thought it would be good to use them for radio in the order that they appear on the master tapes, I hope the quality is OK, the mixes are very rough!"

Parts of that material were later released in alternate or same versions on Bo'Qu and Unpop, but many parts remained unreleased and the assemblage is unique.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do !

The (nearly) complete Bourbonese Qualk discography is available for free download on the band’s memorial website, and rare material can also be found on Simon Crab’s blog.


paphio23 said...

A great post !!
For a big fan like me it´s always a pleasure to discover new version and unrealesed tracks.
Waiting for your next radio broadcast post !

mdschermer said...

i've been trying to compile a comprehensive BQ discography for years and i keep discovering new songs, so this is great stuff! thanks for sharing.

Mark said...

in case you're checking this, is there ANY CHANCE you could re-upload this? I'd dearly appreciate it.

tetsu-o said...

Please? reupload this one!