Sunday, May 11, 2008

Conditions Extr;M: - Organisations Sonores

Cassette, C60
Label : DMA2, France
Ripped by paphio23

Very obscure cassette by french duo Conditions Extr;M: whose music can be of interest for those into french minimal synth or cold wave...

Tracklist :

A1. Ceux De L'Ombre (3:05)
A2. La Mère Aux Monstres (3:41)
A3. Reiffer Mann (5:50)
A4. Stolz (6:16)
A5. Ein Jahr (8:13)
A6. Extraits 86 (1:52)
B1. Fièvre (8:03)
B2. Vieillesse Ennemie (4:19)
B3. Koma (5:35)
B4. Distorsion (4:27)
B5. Exacerbation Négative (3:52)
B6. Untitled (0:33)


Patrik Glassel said...

thank you nostalgie de la boue for the array of downloads here-especially by zoviet france. some new things here i will listen also -xox

Anonymous said...

I like this - alot - Do you have any more info on this act?

Anonymous said...

link dead
please reup