Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greater Than One - Radio Program [Radio Broadcast Series #6]

Cassette, C90
Promo material, UK, circa 1988

Greater Than One was one of the major bands of the 80s post-industrial movement. Before becoming mostly devoted to techno-like music, they made some very personal records, between danceable electronic and more experimental audio work.
That cassette was sent to radio stations to promote their early releases. It includes tracks from various cassettes and vinyl records, as well as unreleased tracks, and is an excellent introduction to their early work.

Early Greater Than One records have been recently rereleased by Brainwashed Recordings (more specifically Brainwashed Archives) :
- "Kill The Pedagogue", their very first cassette ;
- "All The Masters Licked Me", their brilliant debut LP (released by Side Effects Records) for the first time on CD, including as well the "Trust" LP ;
- "London", another great release, that includes the excellent "Dance Of The Cowards" CD as well as much more material originally released on vinyl or cassette ;
- "G-Force", that is not my favourite...
Those who are interested can buy these CDs here.

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