Friday, November 27, 2009

Urbain Autopsy & K... - Ashquelon

Cassette, C60
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, circa 1987
Ripped by jx

Tracklist :

A1. The Chess Of Death (3:59)
A2. Tribal Moment (4:13)
A3. Shema Yisrael (2:46)
A4. Tisha B'Ov (1:39)
A5. Torture (0:39)
A6. I Hate Politics (4:38)
A7. L'Orage (4:52)
A8. Zoolologie (2:05)
A9. Rhone Poulenc (3:18)
A10. You ! Yes You (2:17)
B1. Le Peuple Révolutionnaire (1:11)
B2. Le Sang (4:39)
B3. Stalingrad In Blue (3:49)
B4. La Vie En Rose (3:40)
B5. Shall Be Free (3:29)
B6. Numéro 6 (4:29)
B7. Zyklon B (3:07)
B8. Le Retour D'Edgar Le Scieur (5:55)


zeromoon said...

I love this tape, got it from SJ org back in the day. Thanks for posting!

Jux said...

Glad to see my rips are spreading as I'm too lazy to put up a blog with the stuff myself :-)Thanks for all the nice posts. /Jux

tristan.koreya said...

glad to hear from you Jux ! i’ve already posted several great cassettes you’ve riped and shared on soulseek... you - as other p2p ripers - did it before ANY blog exist, and my wish is to give some of those rips a blog exposure, as i consider riping and sharing as a cumulative process where p2p and blogs nourish each others. thank YOU for the great work you’ve done...

B. Broham said...

Great you possibly have this?

It's related to Urbain Autopsy. I found a track on a compilation from 1991 called Realidade Virtual.

I can upload and send you the comp in exchange.

tristan.koreya said...

i don't have that tape. thanks god the comp you propose "in exchange" is available here :

Anonymous said...

Pascal from SJ ORG again. Urbain Autopsy was Chris P. in the studio with some additional members for live gigs. Chris was living with his nice girlfriend in Pantin (close suburb of Paris), was working in the medical field (and therefore called his label Medicinal tapes, got it?) and contributed a few times to our Epsilonia Radioshow on Radio libertaire in Paris. Chris, if you ever read this, get in touch !

PS: zeromoon and Jux, who and where are you ?

Pawel said...

Could you re-up this tape?