Monday, November 30, 2009

La Sonorité Jaune - Istania

Cassette, C30
Label : audiofile Tapes, US, 1989

Last and least La Sonorité Jaune cassette, released by one of the best US independant cassette labels ever. Great interstellar ambient music as always.
Other La Sonorité Jaune releases available for download :
The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project
Je Ne Veux Plus Voir Le Ciel
Soundtrack For Breathing Structures

Tracklist :

Istania Part One
A1. Biorta 1
A2. Icraen
A3. Biorta 2
A4. Ilen
Istania Part Two
B1. Biorta 3
B2. Icelen
B3. Oseur

La Sonorité Jaune interview in ND #13 :


soundhead said...

thank you thank you thank you a million times.

This was the final piece of the puzzle for me in the La Sonorite Jaune catalog!

tristan.koreya said...

happy to help and glad to see you back Shane !

Anonymous said...

Hey tristan
Pascal from LSJ here. Thanx for posting this. Reading again for the first time in more than 20 years the Artitude IV made me realize that Istania is NOT the final piece of the puzzle. There's a last album called ENEIS which got released on a small label called ACHE in Germany ; it contains two long pieces : UN and our cover of pink floyd's "Set the controls for the heart of the sun".
It was, as far as i remenber, lted to 300 numbered copies, had a b & w artwork, a b & w booklet and the cassette was simply slipped in a plastic bag. There you go :-)

tristan.koreya said...

Many thanks for the comment Pascal. I have discovered the existence of the last LSJ cassette after I made that post but don't know where to find it... Any chance you rip it for us ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know where my own copy is, for once. I won't be back to you before a few weeks as it's not in my home but i will anyway. I've got no idea of whatever happened to ACHE - I just remember the label was located in Bremen...
By the way, Vincent Detours with whom i've recorded Istania is now a doctor in Biology and lives in Brussels. Not that amazing as Vincent was the mastermind of our small group of (non) musicians. This recording is made with random synthwaves/frequencies programmed by Vincent which were layered and mixed by me.