Monday, November 9, 2009

P.C.R. - The Power Of Blindness

Label : Empty Records, Germany, 1990

From Empty Records website : "This concept album is the only vinyl release this Nürnberg band ever released, and is based upon an obscure story by H.G. Wells. Musically, these nine tracks are somewhere between soft industrial and guitar based new wave".

Tracklist :

A1. Instantaneously Drown (6:04)
A2. Eastward Slip (4:22)
A3. The One-Eyed King (4:36)
A4. Zwischen Knochenrissen I (3:07)
A5. A Great Big Kiss (4:52)
B1. Sacrifice For Love (4:53)
B2. A Man Is Close To Nothing (8:30)
B3. Zwischen Knochenrissen II (5:14)
B4. Blue Deepening Into Purple (3:28)


Anonymous said...

thank you it is very nice. so hard to find stuff from them. Do you have more by chance.
Many thanks for your superbe blog.
One of my favourites!


tristan.koreya said...

thank you. i have one P.C.R. cassette i will post later...

Anonymous said...

Thank You Tristan :)
You are the one!!

merci :))


guy smiley said...

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Very few people can get to these files dude. Consider switching filehost provider.