Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deathranch - A Prisoner

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1989

That cassette is a personal favorite of mine, especially the last track "Flaming Carrott".
Deathranch was Cliff Neighbors and Pete Leeming, two Big City Orchestra members as well. The first Deathranch appearance was on "Massacre Of The Innocents" (I've always wondered why it was not only a BCO cassette as the two Deathranch members are also BCO members...). "A Prisoner" is to my knowledge the only Deathranch release.
From an old Sound Of Pig catalog : "A band from the hand of BCO, Deathranch's "A Prisoner" takes none -- deep, dark, dreamless and dronish -- pretty much what you'd think a deathranch would sound like -- minus the horses-out-bloody-rageous".
I've found that recent description of Cliff Neighbors on the Net : "Cliff Neighbors has been making underground experimental and electronic music and sound design since 1981. Much of the work publicly attributed to him was actually done by someone else. Work that he did perform was often credited to other people, or not at all. He claims to have recorded, produced and performed various forms of sound art for radio, theater, film, dance, gallery and literary events, parties, pranks, and demolitions. Past affiliations include Mad Scientists, Deathranch, Big City Orchestra, Crawling With Tarts, Ham On Rye, Moving and Storage/Crash Burn and Die, The Haters, Peoplehater and Edgar Winter's White Trash".
More Big City Orchestra and Sound Of Pig posts soon or later !

Tracklist :

A1. The Chair (Joy Of Torment) (3:28)
A2. Love You (Dialectical Ephemeralism) (8:39)
A3. Dream (Texas Sex Virus) (5:26)
A4. Drone (Ranch Style) (6:19)
A5. Halloween (Oz On Mou, KZSC) (6:51)
B1. Headache (Serenade To Pain) (15:18)
B2. Princess Lucia (Castle Antics) (4:51)
B3. Flaming Carrott (Read Along With Issue #13) (9:53)


Alex said...

Wonderful work!
Many thanks.
I'll stay in toch for more material by Big City Orchestra!

das said...

deathranch was cliff neighbors and pete leeming. pete is now district attorney for santa cruz ca. cliff is still involved with bco. and write software.

ARTAUDX said...

Thanks - but there must be more tapes. i remember having one wrapped in a metal mesh. i will try to find it.

tristan.koreya said...

i would be so happy to discover another deathranch tape...

Anonymous said...

re-upload, please?