Thursday, January 15, 2009

Various Artists - Clouded Silver

Cassette, C90
Label : Epitapes, US

Another eclectic compilation cassette released by Epitapes, with great tracks by Vox Populi!, City Of Worms, Randy Greif, etc.

Tracklist :

A1. Epitapes - Window Recording Made At Midnight (0:50)
A2. City Of Worms - Hichotomy (4:24)
A3. City Of Worms - Pacisyphus (5:43)
A4. Subterfuge - Invocation (7:40)
A5. John Hudak - Font’s Point (3:45)
A6. Vox Populi! - Djerdjere (4:16)
A7. Vox Populi! - Ciel Ouvert (Open Sky) (2:06)
A8. Hessel Veldman - Fritz Auto Body (3:22)
A9. Enno Velthuys - Staring At The Lake (5:58)
A10. John Wiggins - Untitled (Dedicated To Morton Feldman) (5:31)
A11. John E - Break My Mind (3:22)
A12. Unknown Artist - Untitled (0:09)
B1. Randy Greif - A Man Described By Others (11:17)
B2. Redemption Inc. - Ab Muzac (4:49)
B3. Redemption Inc. - Beached (2:14)
B4. Genetic Plans - Can You Sing Chinese? (3:59)
B5. Catharsist - Peripheral Zoom (5:33)
B6. Almanacco Scuba - Guerra, No! (4:33)
B7. Zahgurim - Dropkick! (6:01)
B8. Minoy - The Impatient Angel (7:03)
B9. Robert Turman - Spirals Of Everlasting Change (Random Extracts) (1:44)


Alex said...

Another gem!
Thank you Tristan!
PS: I've found "third human attempt" and "35th human attempt" by H.F. Excellent items!

soundhead said...

very cool!!!

amazing, as always

rickdog said...

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Anonymous said...

hello, can u upload another link for this?
the old one seems unavailable right now..
really nice blog, thanks!