Monday, January 12, 2009

Various Artists - Cobwebs

Cassette, C90
Label : Epitapes, US

Excellent compilation released by an excellent label at the end of the eighties.

Tracklist :

A1. Unkown Artist - Intro (1:21)
A2. The Starkman - Blasphemy (3:49)
A3. La Nomenklatur - La Tentative (6:49)
A4. Compton Effect - French Connection (7:48)
A5. Compton Effect - Short Skip (9:54)
A6. Dan Joseph - The Flute (5:08)
A7. Nihil - Poisoned Popsong (2:52)
A8. Nihil - Cage (1:51)
A9. Neva - Frenezie (3:30)
A10. Masters Of The Obvious - Moronica (2:55)
A11. Unkown Artist - Untitled (1:16)
B1. Henry Hektik - g.o.2.m. (6:40)
B2. Henry Hektik - Crossfade (1:15)
B3. Henry Hektik - Blue Light Over Firm Walls (3:43)
B4. Vidna Obmana - Bondage Doom To Creator (5:42)
B5. Vidna Obmana - Breathe To Crystal Form (6:04)
B6. Deleted - Les Vacances (2:20)
B7. Deleted - The Perfect Form (3:18)
B8. Klimperei - 13,000 Poules Mortes (1:07)
B9. Zobel/Thomasius - Schlaflied (3:24)
B10. Zobel/Thomasius - Monchhausen (2:29)
B11. Psychological Warfare Branch - Western Pop Culture (2:59)
B12. Psychological Warfare Branch - Lebersraum Amerikkka (1:46)
B13. Un-Film - Halloween (1:29)
B14. Merzdow Shek - Untitled (2:21)
B15. Unkown Artist - Untitled (1:31)


Alex said...

Another great gem!
I love early works from Vidna Obmana.
My best compliments.
Haven't you got some old material from Human Flesh?
Thank you.

soundhead said...

wow, this is great!!

tristan.koreya said...

hi alex,
you can find several Human Flesh / Bene Gesserit / Pseudo Code / I Scream releases on other blogs : see the "download rarities" section on that page.
i have one more Human Flesh cassette that i will post soon...

Anonymous said...

epitapes comps are wonderful. i am friends with micheal tetault who created these comps.i have many of them.i love the titles of the comps...

WhenSicklesBlossom said...

That's my old label... which I am finding all over the web lately. I am honored by the continuing interest.

tristan.koreya said...

hi Mike, that's so nice to see you here ! Epitapes was a great label. i've posted the 3 only cassettes i have, but i'd love to listen to (and to post) some other great comps you released... if you wish to share some of them please let me know...