Friday, January 2, 2009

XTSW - West

Cassette, C90
Label : Freedom In A Vacuum, Canada, 1987

XTSW was a band around Al Margolis - aka If, Bwana -, the owner of the famous Sound Of Pig Music cassette label.
That cassette was recorded live on KZSC, Santa Cruz, 11/26/87, and features Big City Orchestra members Cliff Neighbors and Das (the radio host).



El Topo said...

Excellent stuff!
Can you help me in finding
more old releases from fabulous "Big City Orchestra"? (in particular the old K7s)
Thank you for your marvellous work of sharing. For me on my top 3 blogs (with "the thing on the doorstep" and "no longer forgotten music" - better than recent "mutant sounds"!).

Alex said...

Hi Tristan,
I read on discogs page that you have
"A good time to start something new" an old K7 from Big City Orchestra.
I'll be grateful if you could share it on your fantastic blog!
Many thanks in advance from your fan.