Friday, December 11, 2009

Various Artists - The Long March

Cassette, C60
Label : Sound Of Pig Music, US, circa 1985
Ripped by Anemic

Tracklist :

A1. Croiners - From "A Sample Of Croiners"
A2. Dennis Carleton - From "Color With Crayons" 1
A3. Dennis Carleton - From "Color With Crayons" 2
A4. Big City Orchestra - From "Number 5"
A5. Algebra Suicide - Connoisseurs Of Lightning
A6. Algebra Suicide - Father's By The Door
A7. Maniacs - Vietnam
A8. Pascal Massun - Flight To Barnard Star (Excerpt)
B1. Human Flesh - Can I Kiss You (27th Human Attempt)
B2. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - The High And The Mighty
B3. Famlende Forsøk - Belzebub/Amerika
B4. Industrial Sponge - Boom Dark
B5. Industrial Sponge - Monsters In My Head
B6. Theatre Of Ice - Oblivion
B7. Theatre Of Ice - It's All Over Now
B8. Absolute Body Control - So Obvious - Sister Ray (Live)
B9. Seiei Jack - Excerpt
B10. The Haints - Haint House (Excerpt)

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