Friday, October 23, 2009

Master/Slave Relationship - Interview 1991 [Radio Broadcast Series #5]

Exclusive interview, US, 1991

That exclusive interview was recorded in 1991 by Debbie Jaffe, aka Master/Slave Relationship, after the brilliant "Being Led Around By The Tongue" CD was released.
Those who are interested in the history of Debbie's earliest artistic and musical efforts with Hal McGee, with whom she has been making music in the duo Viscera and has been running the Cause & Effect label, should certainly listen to issues #11 an #12 of Hal's podcast "Homemade Alien Music".
Most MSR releases can be purchased on MSR website.
According to her MySpace, Debbie is recording new music. A short but exquisite new MSR track, "Give", the first musical recording Debbie has done in a decade, has recently been released on "Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Volume 3".


Alchemical Music said...

Thanks for this!

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Debbie - I thought this was over 20 years ago. You gave me full permission (see letter sent to your attorney). If it wasn't for SLEEPCHAMBER exposure ov you I feel that half ov your audience would be unaware ov Debbie Jaffe. No good favor goes unpunished...funny how you keep referring to SLEEPCHAMBER to promote yourself. **JOHN ZEWIZZ***

tristan.koreya said...

Hi John,
This is archive material, Debbie just answered a question I asked, and that was twenty years ago...