Friday, October 16, 2009

Various Artists - Climax Productions Presents

Label : Climax Productions, Belgium, 1986
Ripped by maggothead

I've found that link in a comment of a post on The Thing On The Doorstep. I thought it deserved a greater exposition, so here it is !

Tracklist :

A1. White House White - Jungle Emotions
A2. Absolute Body Control - Car Fever
A3. Vita Noctis - She Likes Me
A4. Schicksal - Body Beat
A5. Nightmare Reality - The Cage
B1. Somnambulist - The Seaman's Imagined Fish
B2. Private Image - The Game
B3. The French Park - The Turn Of A Card
B4. Cross Arc. - Take This Day Away
B5. Deliens Roger - Falling Rain
B6. Private Image - This Belongs To Your Show


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