Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mission Papua Holland - Love You Baby

Label : Mission Papua Holland, The Netherlands, 1987

Mission Papua Holland was a band including two main members, Jasper Frenken and Mark Van Gelder, as well as a records and tapes label. They relased three LPs in 1987. The first one, "June 87", was a great LP of minimal electronic music. The second one is that strange "Love You Baby" LP, more conventionally "musical" than "June 87". And the third one was Roderik Henderson "Generated Progression" LP, a good record of percussive ambient music.
Get some Mission Papua Holland tapes as well here :
Le Chevre D'Or
Rex Nura
Son Geng
Sweet Sixteen

Tracklist :

A1. Presence Dub
A2. Uncle Gangster
A3. Kickin' Door
B1. Josefa
B2. Sammy Summer
B3. Ten Minutes At The Border
B4. The E.B.

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