Sunday, October 18, 2009

Various Artists - Electronic

Label : Climax Productions, Belgium, 1988

Tracklist :

Electronic Side
A1. Traxx - Venecreator
A2. Bambix - Painted Noses
A3. White House White - The Image Creator
A4. Frontline Assembly - Resuraction
A5. Vomito Negro - The Man Factory
A6. Danton's Voice - Oriëntal

Experimental Side
B1. Absolute Body Control - Slow Action
B2. M.I. 5 - Last Moments
B3. Blue Garden - Red Jungle
B4. The Force Dimension - Attenzione Prego!
B5. Unknown European Group - Fucking Dog Johnny
B6. De Fabriek - Corpusnow Callosumball
B7. Suicide Commando - Industrial Underground



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