Sunday, August 24, 2008

Werkbund - Tanz Und Andacht / Rungholt

Label : CorZar Records, Russia, 2004 (Unofficial release)
Limited edition of 123 numbered copies

In a comment to the "Berlin Atonal" post I made a few weeks ago, anounced a forthcoming festival that would be a kind of "Berlin Atonal" following. "Berlin Bruit" will take place on august 30th and will feature amongst others the mysterious and legendary Werkbund !
To celebrate that event, I've decided to post the two Werkbund records that are not available on blogs yet.
The first is the unofficial CD released by russian label Corzar Records, that includes the two vinyls "Tanz Und Andacht" (1997) and "Rungholt" (1989).
The second post will be their last LP, "Weit Draussen", released in 2006 by Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien.

Download other Werkbund & Mechthild Von Leusch records here :
Aquis Submersus
Aith Ochnal, Rungholter Tänze, Zweites Buch
Ou Wirnith, Rungholter Tänze, Erstes Buch

For more infos about "Berlin Bruit" festival :
http://berlinbruit. ironflame. de
http://myspace. com/berlinbruit

Tracklist :

Tanz Und Andacht
1. Lichtregen (1:59)
2. Falke (2:42)
3. Himmelsvolk (3:14)
4. Mittagsweite (3:20)
5. Allseele (5:22)
6. Perl Weiss (4:57)
7. Im Heiligen Hain (4:19)
8. Eine Von Diesen (6:01)

9. Im Watt (2:18)
10. Brunock Und Ilgrof (4:26)
11. Die Seefahrer / Letzte Weissagung (11:16)
12. Marcellusflut (18:18)
13. Rungholt (2:13)


Alex said...

Thanks for this great post!
Is it connected with Asmus Tietchens?

tristan.koreya said...

this is a big mystery... many people think Asmus Tietchens is involved in Werkbund but he has always denied...

bomb23 said...

OMFG. Who is going and can you record the Werkbund portion of the concert?

tristan.koreya said...

some people here will go:

Mrs. Inside said...

Can you please re-up? I love Werkbund, but have never heard this! Thank you.