Thursday, August 21, 2008

M. Finnkrieg - Exit/Accidental

Cassette, C60
Label : Deaf Eye, Germany, 1988

The 80's post-industrial cassette network has given birth to jewels that sometimes unfortately remained obscured. Some of the most brilliant tapes were never rereleased on vinyl or CDs, such as those by Maybe Mental or La Sonorité Jaune just to mention a few names... M. Finnkrieg is one of these artists who deserved a larger recognition. Mike, the owner of Berlin-based Deaf Eye label, released three cassettes under that name. The first one, "Down The Poppy Stairs Of Heaven", was issued on Deaf Eye and later rereleased by Harsh Reality Music in the US. The second cassette, "Exit/Accidental" is my favourite ; it contains short tracks of experimental synth-pop and has always reminded me early Severed Heads records. The third and last one, "Worth Less Than Ideas", was released by Audiofile Tapes in the US and is very good as well ; I can post it later if there's any interest...

Tracklist :

A1. Private Investigations (2:20)
A2. Instan Replay (3:56)
A3. Blank Order (4:27)
A4. Dumbo’s 2nd Highschool Love (2:11)
A5. Exit - Accidental (4:33)
A6. Acid Domination (3:56)
A7. Do You...? (0:11)
A8. Into Dark Offence (4:26)
A9. Resonance (2:21)
B1. Medium (0:32)
B2. Resonance (1:30)
B3. Clean State (4:23)
B4. Dumbo’s 1st Highschool Love (2:34)
B5. Body Next To Nothing (3:23)
B6. Liberia - Wall Sportif (3:58)
B7. A Girl's Mistake (2:33)
B8. Discover The Truth (4:51)
B9. Bonus Beats!: Love simulation (4:24)


Anonymous said...

hey cool! thanks a bunch for this m. finnkrieg tape. i own both of the other two tapes but was missing this one and always wanted to hear it. sadly i don't own any deaf eye tapes. i'm in the states and back in the day it seemed pretty hard trying to buy stuff overseas (the whole IRC thing was pretty daunting for me). do you have the subtle reign tape? i really like the few tracks i had from comps (ecstacy by current LP and an IRN tape comp) and always wanted to hear more.

swimming in vodka-----ed

soundhead said...

been listening to this all day at work...

great post!!

tristan.koreya said...

ed, unfortunately i don't have the subtle reign cassette ; i'd be curious to hear it myself...
soundhead, i like the idea of offering soundtrack for work ! more music for work office soon...

Anonymous said...

hey there, apparently rapidshare deleted the files... any chance of a reup? great blog