Monday, February 16, 2009

Various Artists - L'Enfer Est Intime : Volume 0

Cassette, C60
Label : VP 231 / Le Syndicat, France, 1985
Ripped by Wackelpeter

Many thanks to Wackelpeter for the rip of that rare cassette !
On Le Syndicat website, we can read about that release : "In 1983, Ruelgo meets Pacific 231. This industrial French artist is a pioneer of the style. He has just produced one of the first French industrial compilation (Ritual Dos Sadicos) which included also cold wave tracks. His is equipped with electronic instruments and with a typewriter. With him, Ruelgo will refine its industrial culture and will enter in contact with the "Mail Art" network of the years 80. Pacific 231 has contacts all over the world and received a heap of contributions to his new project of compilation. Le Syndicat will publish the volume zero of this compilation : "L'Enfer Est Intime", and will contribute to his electro tribal project : ANKH".
In 1985 as well was released by VP 231 a double compilation LP, "L'Enfer Est Intime : Volume Général".

Tracklist :

A1. John Duncan & Paul Hurst - Buried Seven Years - Dead In Two Weeks (7:52)
A2. Controlled Bleeding - Untitled (4:40)
A3. Pax Romana - Wooden Shed (1:53)
A4. Gerechtigkeits Liga - Magischer Zirkel (3:30)
A5. Un Des Découpoirs - Retention (4:42)
A6. 180° - Beestaching (2:29)
A7. Observation Clinique - Untitled (2:14)
A8. New Warmth - Senses (2:27)
B1. Le Syndicat - Ritus Torture (4:11)
B2. Unit 6 - Untitled (2:50)
B3. Étant Donnés - Eclipse (7:00)
B4. ANKH - Mem (3:33)
B5. Pacific 231 - Live Albi (8:36)
B6. ORA - Untitled (3:36)


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