Monday, February 2, 2009

Various Artists - Cadavres Exquis

Cassette, C90
Label : Chimik Communications, Canada, 1984
Limited edition of 150 numbered copies

That cassette compilation is surprising, as it features famous artists (Bene Gesserit, Konstruktivits, The Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound, P16.D4) as well as many names who have never appeared anywhere else.
It contains a minimal but wonderful version of "Flesh Parade", one of my favourite tracks by The Legendary Pink Dots / Edward Ka-Spel.

Tracklist :

A1. Fat - A Rising Damp (Live) (3:09)
A2. P16 D4 - Buergerliche Illusion (1:52)
A3. Seppuku Gala - Dead Dogs Don't Talk (Live) (4:00)
A4. Moisan - Wayback Drive (4:04)
A5. Human Flesh - Reds (16th Human Attempt) (2:58)
A6. O 39 - Screenplay (2:52)
A7. Antoine Williams - Mini-Korg In Tape Loop (2:01)
A8. As Slow Rivers Attain The Power Of The Sand Glass - As Slow Rivers.. (3:59)
A9. Stress Factor - The Price Is Right (Pt.1) (4:04)
A10. Bene Gesserit & Vankaye & Ignit - Beach (4:41)
A11. Legendary Pink Dots - Flesh Parade (5:30)
A12. The Red Shift Sub Unit - Corridors Of Sorrow (6:51)
B1. Nurse With Wound - Zappo - Leon VII (5:42)
B2. Blind Hunters - Into Agonizing Madness (2:02)
B3. Konstruktivits - Shadows Of White Sand (4:42)
B4. Iaf - Ia12 (The Effect Of Soil Moisture Ôn Sôrghüm Growth) (4:21)
B5. Sylvie And Babs - Call Me Bunny (2:40)
B6. Legendary Pink Dots - The End Of The World As We Know It (12:07)
B7. Blind Hunters - Pauvre Dr. Bernard (Pt.1) (1:56)
B8. Blind Hunters - Pauvre Dr. Bernard (Pt.2) (2:10)
B9. Human Remains - Human Remains (7:22)


Bondurant2001 said...

Milles Mercis ! A Thousand Thanks for this ;)

Is "Flesh Parade" the same version than the one on "Traumstadt 5" ?


tristan.koreya said...

i don't have "traumstadt 5" but i'd be curious to know as well...

Bondurant2001 said...

After removing the dust from my Traumstadt 5 tape --> it's another version of this marvelous song "Flesh Parade" , Cadavres Exquis is a really great compilation i didn't knew before.

Best Regards

Alex said...

Many thanks for this great work!
Another lost gem appear on the surface of time.
Lost memories.

armeur H said...

My brother had it and I liked it ! thankk you again !

Dualtrack said...

I Love your blog! Thank you!!!

tristan.koreya said...

hi dualtrack,
many thanks to you for being back !!!

Anonymous said...

"Flesh parade" on "Traumstadt 5" is the same as the one that appears on "Prayer for Aradia". The "Traumstadt 5" version is better because it does not blend into the other songs, as in the case of the "Aradia" version.

not_half said...

Endless thanks! I have this tape (25/150)! This tape introduced me to the world of the home-taper network. And of course many wonderful artists! I first heard and loved the Dots from this tape. There are many other wonderful things on your blog that I will be downloading...many things that I only ever read about but wanted! Thanks again for everything!!! All the best,
Al (not half)

tristan.koreya said...

you're welcome Al !
thanks for your comments.
very glad to see you here...