Saturday, February 14, 2009

German Shepherds - Untitled

Cassette, C60
Ripped by vodka ed

That cassette was sent to vodka ed by German Shepherds :
"Back in '88 I had written to them at the address on the LP and they wrote back telling me to send them a blank tape. They sent it back with their first EP + 7", some live tracks and other oddities. My tape does have 4 unique songs going by title alone - "Brain Police (Live)", "Toad World", "I'm Anal" & "Let It All Hang Out (Live)"".
"From the cover : 1-5 are from EP, 6-7 from 45, tracks 3 & 13 with Kate Koemneke".

Tracklist :

1. I Adore You (4:15)
2. Message From JJ (2:25)
3. Let The Night Roar (1:42)
4. Booty Jones (4:22)
5. The Earthquake Has Come (2:20)
6. THC (4:20)
7. Quit It (3:33)
8. I Adore You (Live) (5:22)
9. THC (Live) (5:49)
10. Brain Police (Live) (4:23)
11. Communist Control (Live) (7:51)
12. Toad World (3:21)
13. I'm Anal (4:25)
14. Let It All Hang Out (Live) (5:36)


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot vodka.ed and tristan...
tristan check this out for ultra live 1986 and share it in your blog please:

p.s. sound quality is not the best it's recorded at low volume with a lot of background noise, but i decided to record it without noise reduction

tristan.koreya said...

thank you very much this time again !
i will post it soon...
but do you have a scan of the cover ?

Anonymous said...

hi tristan, image can be found at


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-upload? These can't be found elsewhere...