Saturday, February 7, 2009

Human Flesh - Life In Reverse / Meditation And Fears

Cassette, C60
Label : Insane Music, Belgium, circa 1987

Originally released as two different C30 cassettes on US labels Cause And Effect and Ladd-Frith. If you want more Human Flesh :
The Third Human Attempt
The 35th Human Attempt

Tracklist :

A1. Ideal Ideas / Idol Ideas (2:04)
A2. Miniature (1:17)
A3. This Is A Slow, Slow World (1:59)
A4. Wide-Opened Eyes (In The Dark) (2:46)
A5. Basical Colours (First Part) (1:19)
A6. Sonic Delirium (3:42)
A7. Basical Colours (Second Part) (1:18)
A8. Why Are You Bleeding ? (3:53)
A9. And My Love Letters Are Rotting In The Dust (2:10)
A10. Friends (2:06)
A11. Arabesque (2:37)
A12. Weak End (2:52)
B1. First Day (14:36)
B2. Second Day (14:23)



Anonymous said...

Thank you as always!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this masterpiece from the genious of Ms. Alain Neffe!
Try and be grateful.