Friday, December 8, 2023

Khodumodumo - What The Fuck Are You Doing This Side?

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#189], Ivory Coast, 2023

Khodumodumo is an exciting new artist from South Africa and this debut album is a co-release.

Tracklist :

1. Are You Unravelling From Some Sort of Cage? (2:36)
2. Trapped in Deluded and Helpless Loops (3:08)
3. What The Fuck Are You Doing This Side? (3:24)
4. Dirge for the Ever-Watching Beings (3:12)
5. Their Whistles Have Noticed You (1:36)
6. Save Your Breath, My Mimic Child (2:24)
7. You Can Have Johannesburg With Love (3:03)
8. I Don't Want to be Here (3:54)
9. I Know You’re There. Even Though I’m Lapidified (4:44)
10. KhumbulaKhumbulaKhumbulaKhumbulaKhumbula (3:19)


Vaykorus said...


Steve said...

A good one! A total, surprising mindfuck.

Anonymous said...

Fucking crazy!

Anonymous said...

So great