Monday, March 27, 2023

Various Artists - The Bright Side Of Life

Cassette, C99
Label : Flichi Musik, Germany, 1992
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A1. The Bill Jones Show - The Bright Old Sunny Days
A2. Sosumi - CD Players In Outer Space
A3. Original Kick - Our Time Has Come
A4. Usui Aioi - Good Morning Korean Girls
A5. 48 Cameras - The Perfect Use Of Ashes
A6. Schmertz Der Welten - Ich Werde Mich Niemals Erschiessen
A7. Harald Sack Ziegler - Sie Riecht So Gut
A8. Greenhouse Effect - Racers
A9. The Sheep Look Up - Gedankenlose Zeit
A10. MJB 90 - Anywhere With You
A11. Bonzo - Can't Live Without You (Live)
A12. Flammable Mammals - Modern World
A13. K. D. Schmitz - Where The Hell's The Brighter Side Of Life ?
A14. Toshiyuki Hiraoka - C'Est Pas Juste !
B1. L'Edarps A Moth - Der Wald Stirbt
B2. Main Concept - Münchens Diktatur
B3. Terry Eason - Dead Door Jam
B4. The Sheep Look Up - Headless
B5. Lord Litter - The Modern Show
B6. MJB 90 - Love Is...
B7. B.R.D. - Man Spricht Deutsch
B8. Sosumi - I Work 4 My Car
B9. Plastic Eye Miracle - Stewball
B10. Slimy Glue - Bumper
B11. GVS - You'll Know Better
B12. Juniper Hill - Doktor Lustvoll
B13. Baltus - Sommer
B14. M.J. Bowman - Brighter
B15. Herr Albrecht - Henry
B16. 48 Cameras - Smile With A Sigh / An End