Friday, December 3, 2021

Patrick Wiklacz - I See The Future

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#164], Ivory Coast, 2021

Patrick Wiklacz is passionate about synthetic sounds. He combines the practices in electroacoustic music (GRM) with influences from German experimental music from the 1970's and minimal composition, thus creating a very singular proposition.
He has produced sonic environments (Nuit blanche, Versailles, 2015), radio compositions (France Musique), and took part in many musical events, like the Paris Ambient Festival. But he has always kept a distance with the institutional scene and withdrawn himself from agitation, to concentrate for many years on a delicate work, at times minimal, ambient, drone or acousmatic.
Mixing surrealist reminiscences and buddhist resonances, Patrick Wiklacz patiently grows his secret garden of electronic sounds.

Tracklist :

1. Pour ou contre (4:57)
2. Vu d'en haut (8:30)
3. Who is dead ? - You (10:21)
4. Dégradation désorganisée (8:31)
5. Pour Sophie (8:43)
6. Yes, I see the future (11:44)

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