Thursday, August 16, 2012

Various Artists - Treviso Underground Vol. 2 : Atmosfere E Sperimentazione

Cassette, C60
Label : Unknown, Italy, 1989
Ripped by Louis

Tracklist :

A1. Max Cloud - Hony Ye'
A2. Max Cloud - Valzria Minikya
A3. Max Cloud - Uh! Ah!
A4. Marginal Note - Ley-Ley (Based On A Persian Lullaby)
A5. Marginal Note - Rains Tell Stories
A6. Max Cloud & Marginal Note - Arkepathos
A7. Max Cloud & Marginal Note - Ball'es Korakas
A8. Cabaret Du Ciel - Traiettoria Del Sogno
A9. Cabaret Du Ciel - Arco Nel Cielo
A10. Cabaret Du Ciel - Theoria Dei 4 Azzurri
B1. Therabaqud Liec - Theatro Solubile
B2. Death Tricheco - Jazz Car I/II
B3. Death Tricheco - Raid
B4. Stefano Biasin - Signora Longari
B5. Officina Magneticha Antonbrega - Accesso S-piriticho E Rotativo
B6. Officina Magneticha Antonbrega - Malfunzione Puleggia EH54N
B7. Officina Magneticha Antonbrega - Galvanicha E Sprfc
B8. Subliminale / T.L.S.O.-T.W.S.L. - In The Beginning Is The Void


Gluzd said...

(( ссылка не действительна

Paul said...

What a shame! I was really amazed to listen to all this new groups (for me). "Cabaret du ciel" is the same of "Therabaqud Liec"?
A quick re-up is needed!
Thank you.

LUIGI said...

I'm Luigi, from Cabaret du Ciel, Capricorni Pneumatici and Therabaqud Liec. I was the owner af a record shop in Treviso "Blue China Records", now a shop also of musical instruments. I'm glad to see someone has published the second volume of the compilation we made with groups involved in the underground experimental scene of that time. I have also the first volume (somewhere...), if I'll find it, I'll rip it for you.
Sinverely yours,

tristan.koreya said...

Dear Luigi,
Many thanks for your message. That would be great to post the first volume, as well as other releases by Cabaret du Ciel, Capricorni Pneumatici or Therabaqud Liec !
Please write by email :
Best, TK

Anonymous said...

dear Tristan , sorry to bother you but the Luigi posting the TV undergrounf compilation is a bastard fake! I am the real LUIGI who helped as a shop assistant part time and not the owner of the record shop. I have never colaborated to capricorni pneumatici and whoever sent you that mail is a FAKE!
beware of that

tristan.koreya said...

well Luigi Russolo, people are strange sometimes...
have you been involved in Cabaret du Ciel and Therabaqud Liec ?

Anonymous said...

hi Tristan, the actual name is THERABAQUD LEIC linked to COIL, TG, TOPY and xperimental bands issues.
yeah been involved with Cabaret du ciel Dreampop ambient band.
hope you enjoyed them.
Luigi Russolo.

Suede006 said...

you can download this post / cassette