Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Half - This Is The Punchline

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#1], Ivory Coast, 2011

"This is the Punchline" by Not Half is the first post of a new series of exclusive recordings that sees Nostalgie De La Boue becoming partly a kind of blog-label.
Artists in post-industrial and experimental genres who would like to see some of their soundworks posted in that series can contact me - tristankoreya(at) - and I'll see if that fits. Of course, in the very spirit of that blog, archive material is prefered, but recent work is welcome as well, especially from veterans.

Not Half is the solo project of Allan Conroy, who began doing music under that name in the eighties and became active again during the last decade. Al was also running the Industrial Therapy Unit cassette label and created more recently Dimetrodon Recordings to release new Not Half material on CDr.
You can download some of Al's early releases here, here and here. And more recent material here.
"This is the Punchline" was recorded live on May 22nd 2011 at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg. Also playing that night were Merzbow and Venetian Snares.

Tracklist :

1. This Is The Punchline (38:26)


soundhead said...

I'm excited about this project!!! I may be interested in sending you some material.


ArtOfLosing said...

Excellent initiative.
"Vive la Côte d'Ivoire !"

noiseturkey said...
This gives you a list of ALL of the most recent material on .