Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big City Orchestra - Painfull Audio Enema

Cassette, C90
Label : Lowfile Audio, US, 1989
Ripped by Das


Alex T - El Topo said...

Are you sure that this is the correct upload?
My K7 sounds completely different (and is a C-90).
Many thanks.

P.S.: a request. Do you have any of their "Annual" K7 series?
I'd like to listen to any of them.

das said...

the annuals were our promo cassettes for radio and handouts. they contain tracks from each cassette release of that year...no original material.

Anonymous said...

alex if you have the P.A.E. tape it would be great if you could rip and post it...

Susy said...

Hi guys,
here a rip of B.C.O.-P.A.E. I've found on the net...


It's my first up!


Anonymous said...

thank you susy but this one's the wrong... it is the version i ripped some time ago and it turned out to be a sort of demo from massacre of the innocent tape... no worries about that ;o)

Susy said...

Sorry for the mistake...
Please forgive me.
If anyone is interested here a rip of another great BCO old K7.


Thank you all.
Sincerely Yours


Sir Francis said...

Dears Tristan, das, Susy and you all.
I'm really happy for the renewed interest in BCO releases, and hope that all their friends visit their web-site at www.ubuibi.org and support them as much as possible.
I think that their strange music is the perfect soundtrack to survive in these strange times...
For all those who follows this marvellous blog here's another BCO old k7.


All the best.
Sir Francis

Robo said...

Tristan, attached the link to Big City Orchestra_Everyman is a Volume.

Art Of Losing said...

Thank you.

Cliff said...

Resurrection Man->

Conscious Johnson said...

Any chance of a Fury From the Deep re-up? Or if it was taken down because still available, I'd get it.

Ripping 4 CASSETTES OF APOCALYPSE put me in the phase for BCO...only ever had 3 releases. www.fgplex.blogspot.com