Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NYA.Music - Installation À Faya-Largeau

Cassette, C60
Label : Nos Yeux Aveugles, France, 1994
Ripped by Continuo

Tracklist :

A1. Le Baroud (4:54)
A2. Chèvres Et Choux (2:33)
A3. Briefing (1:41)
A4. Un Soir, Rue Basse (1) (3:02)
A5. Etoile (1:22)
A6. Instruction-Technique-Combat (7:19)
A7. Un Soir, Rue Basse (4) (4:04)
A8. Femmes A Soldats (3:10)
A9. Femmes Girafes (1) (1:15)
A10. Un Soir, Rue Basse (3) (1:42)
B1. Wooki Flirt (9:48)
B2. Femmes Girafes (2) (3:52)
B3. L'Aéroport (12:35)


Yyesod9 said...

This is a very interesting musical project ! It seems to me that we can listen some analogic sounds !! Great discovered !
thank for sharing it

Anonymous said...

Couldn't download because the limit is 10?? Can this be uploaded to a different kind of account maybe?

tristan.koreya said...

that limit is only on rapidshare. try megaupload or something else...

nya*music said...

Nya*Music is not definitely dead.
For those who appreciate it, just follow the "myspace site".
Thank you.

nya*music said...