Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arnovah - Individuation

Cassette, C60
Label : Bog-Art, Germany
Ripped by Hubert Haverkamp

Another great release by mysterious french artist Arnovah.
This is the last Bog-Art post for now... Many thanks to Hubert for those rips !

Tracklist :

A. Live In Montreal (6.7.1986)
A1. Ouverture
A2. Mantra
A3. Imaginal Ki
A4. Likin
A5. Danse Rituelle Noire
A6. Finale
B1. Thriller
B2. Daydream
B3. Cum To The Reel Reel (Part 2)
B4. Enochian Calls
B5. History



Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Workday's Cool Night said...

Hi - I thought maybe you'd be interested in reviewing this album. There's a link for a free download at the bottom, but I'd be happy to send you a physical cd, if you give me an address.

Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with Workday/Schoolnight’s music and art.

Using only synthesizers and tapes found in thrift stores and junk shops around the southeast, Workday/Schoolnight combines found-sound spoken-word tape collages with bursts of electronic synth-punk songs. Bart Trotman has been recording under the name Workday/Schoolnight since 2006, and although this is his 5th release, it is the 1st to come out since he has been playing live shows as Workday/Schoolnight.

Unable to escape the cynical realities of living on a troubled planet, the punk songs on “Plastic Ocean” grapple with distrust of those in power, an overpopulated planet, the working poor, and the pharmaceutical industry, just to name a few. Juxtaposed and sprinkled in between the songs, are bits of audio trash, or tape ghosts, voices from the past promising a better life, more money, inner peace and cures for incurable diseases.

W/S was conceived as a side project for Trotman, who also busies himself with currently being half of the experimental art-museum rock collaborative, INVISIBLE. INVISIBLE is known to the art museum/gallery crowd of the southeast for their unique and elaborate homemade instruments. First there’s Rhythm 1001, a sprawling drum machine that is programmed by pegging a huge turning wheel, that in turn sends pulses to a dozen or more percussion instruments spread around the players. (Think old-timey music box made to play dance beats). Also in INVISIBLE’s arsenal is the Selectric Piano, a typewriter that plays piano - where every letter equals a note and the text is projected for all to see AND hear. (Videos of each are available online)

Trotman can’t take credit for the creation of these one-of-a-kind artstruments, that accomplishment goes to his mad-scientist partner in crime, Mark Dixon. Trotman’s contribution to INVISIBLE ranges from writing & composition to VHS & cassette sampling to playing synthesizers and drums. Due to the overwhelming amount and size of INVISIBLE’s equipment, Trotman has continued to play clubs and DIY art spaces as Workday/Schoolnight, leaving INVISIBLE focused on bigger spaces that better accommodate their installations.

Both Workday/Schoolnight and INVISIBLE are based in Greensboro, NC and can be found in numerous places online.

“Plastic Ocean” is available for free download (for now) at


Roetoes said...

Nice blog, thank you!

Anonymous said...

THANKS - THANKS - THANKS for this wonderful work.

ARNOVAH (or ARNOVAH TAGUIEV) is a musician from France (Dijon).

He has worked with some other artists like DZ LECTRIC and ANTHON SHIELD (= keyboard guy from NORMA LOY) in an experimental/industrial way in the 80's and the 90's. He has also created the TECHNO project DYNA for a 7" (L'homme à la moto) with CHELSEA and USHER = the 2 main actors from the experimental-cold-goth band NORMA LOY.

Is it possible to listen to another tape by ARNOVAH = OPEN CREMATOR?

Many thanks for your blog.


tristan.koreya said...

unfortunately i don't have "Open Cremator" and i'm looking for it myself...

Pawel said...

There is something wrong with it - can you re-upload this rare casette?