Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vox Populi! - Half Dead Ganja Music

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#92], Ivory Coast, 2017

Official net-re-release celebrating the 30th anniversary of the cassette album. Remastered by Axel Kyrou for the 2013 vinyl re-release that is now deleted. Here are a few excerpts of the LP's reviews :

"Like a misty dream upon timeless beaches where female phantoms dance about bringing comforting company which touches beyond flesh."

"This Half Dead cassette turned LP from 1987 sounds like a band improvising an exotic musique concrete Voodoo Ritual in the Catacombs below, and above, EARTH. Half Dead Ganja Music exists as a rare artifact of a timeless endeavor to create a feeling, through self-less creativity, of a limbo realm between physical earth realities and the mystical realm that is paralleled in our emerging beings. This is Occult music without pretension, but with effortless release to the juxtaposition of human and non-human senses."

"The latter's favorite. Half dead ganja music? No doubt. Mellowtonic bearddrone bongscrape made right via heady ritual aromas obscuring distant fumble-clunk and dazed mumble-grunt... just crank that bass and revel in Throb Almighty."

"Layers and layers of processed tape and hazy, wordless female vocals like a baklava, sweetened with drone instead of honey. However there’s something oddly uplifting about this music and very, very beautiful."

"It’s a trip in any sense of the term, transporting us via twelve succinct studio and live recordings across fields of Persian-influenced vocal glossolalia, airborne drones and sparse drum machine pulses to mind-swallowing vortices of synth swirl, but never letting anything settle for too long, always discreetly segueing to another part of the same hallucination before spreading out some more with an expansive live finale. Highly recommended!"

Tracklist :

Studio Side
1. Schmacht (2:46)
2. Gole Mariam (3:26)
3. Da Ma (3:26)
4. Golnessar (3:01)
5. De La Cohorte Mystique (4:28)

Live Side
6. Freaking At Ffm (2:18)
7. Perse Voir La Lumière (2:40)
8. Fassle (3:03)
9. Taghmanantes / Gin Gina / Un Jour (10:07)


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