Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuxedomoon - Symphonie Der Angst

Label : Democrazy Records, Germany, 1983
Ripped by Carlo

Recorded live in Berlin at the SO36, December 15 1982.

Tracklist :

A1. Prelude (1:10)
A2. Allemande Bleue (5:09)
A3. Nur Al Hajj (5:21)
A4. L'etranger (6:16)
A5. Space (6:26)
B1. Les Cages (4:08)
B2. Bruxel (6:08)
B3. Les Time To Lose (3:51)
B4. Special Treatment For The Family Man (6:49)
B5. Egypt (4:43)


savecueandlog said...

Anonymous said...

Stahlfabrik is the worst blog out there. Its full of horrid transcodes and you come here and promote it?

Also Savecueandlog is one of the most selfish users on SLSK. I dont think ive met one quite like him and ive been using SLSK for a decade.

Bodhi Amol said...

Heureka!I had this great concert on LP,indeed it was my very first recording of Tuxedomoon that i purchased before i even owned one of their official products (before that i only had things on cassette).15 years ago it was stolen and after 10 years waiting in the blogoshere it finally appeared here Thanks very much!

savecueandlog said...

thx Anonymous for you kind words. i think every lossless release that are not from "you", is a horrid wrote your messages also on stahlfabrik..ever the same..
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Anonymous said...

Haha dude TOTALLY. savecueandlog is an asshole. He and the handful of others on SLSK with FLAC rips of cassette releases have started this new trend of userlist only downloads. Ever since the big trackers like WHAT.CD have fallen, savecueandlog and the others have been trying to subvert the open nature of slsk and turn it into a micro replica of torrent trackers. It's fucking bullshit. They all say "TRADES ONLY." i.e. if you dont have something they want, you get nothing. Fuck you savecueandlog. Seriously. Fuck you. Greed and selfish hoarding of music created by other people to use as a commodity, a form of commerce (i.e. barter) is what is destroying the music sharing scene.

savecueandlog said...

Thx Tristan..Open share is all what you want? No prob..

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tristan.koreya said...

i am not the author of those comments

savecueandlog said...

Sorry Tristan...Mr. Anonymous give me an answer of a friendly comment from me..but my comment is not to see i thought .....



Anonymous said...

Not Anon1 or Anon2

Yo savecueandlog, im banning you. (5TB lossless shares here)
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Good upload Tristan. This and that ultra release. Ultra should get more promotion for their releases.

savecueandlog said...

Angry young man...Josep is a verry cool guy!! you not..! Good night!