Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Various Artists - L'Intox Vient A Domicile

Label : Minus Habens, Italy, 1988
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. Koan - Europa Erwace!
A2. Lyke Wake - Phase 4
A3. F:A.R. - Soave Esplosione
A4. Gerstein - The Life Haters
A5. Radical Change & T.T.T.F. - 9202 Ritual
A6. Alberto Fiori Carones - Ricordi Alterati
A7. Sigillum S - Wouldn't Have Wanted To Know
B1. Nightmare Lodge - Technosex
B2. Ain Soph - Mag
B3. Alberto Fiori Carones - Faticoso Ritorno
B4. L.S.D. - Mad Ido
B5. Clau D.E.D.I. - The Toaster Wants Your Blood
B6. MGZ - Corrri (Dove Vai?)


Alex said...

Always wanted to hear this!
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not available

Anonymous said...

Not availble